NWCOA Indiana Bat Training Events

September 19: NWCOA Bat Standards Certified, Part 1
The NWCOA Bat Standards Certified Course (Part 1) covers bat biology. It also covers bat behavior, identification, and morphology. It provides service agreement language for bat removal and guano removal, seasonal restrictions, inspection techniques, equipment, safety, detailed exclusion techniques, job pricing, decontamination techniques, rabies, bat handling, updated white-nose syndrome information, and much more.

September 20-21: NWCOA Structural Bat Management Professional, Part 2
This two-day course includes one day of classroom style training that gives instruction on pricing, sales, liabilities and bat seal-up and guano removal contracts. The class will provide inspection instruction, as well as group practice in inspection. The first day will also include euthanasia and safety, PPE and decontamination protocols.

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