The Aust Group Partners with Children of the Nations

The Aust Group is excited to announce their partnership with the Seattle-based, non-profit organization Children of the Nations® (COTN®). COTN is committed to lifting children out of poverty and hopelessness by developing them into strong and godly leaders that can impact their nation’s future. While COTN has locations in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, Dominican Republic, and Haiti, The Aust Group counts it a privilege to work alongside COTN and give back to those living in Sierra Leone.

In January of 2019, Stuart Aust and his family had the privilege of visiting Sierra Leone with the founders of COTN, Chris and Debbie Clark. With over 500 students attending from neighboring villages and 100 orphans living on campus, COTN’s Banta Ministry Center is a four-hour drive from Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital. While in Banta, Stuart and his sons, Nick and Chris, taught entrepreneurial, sales, and other business classes to high school students. Stuart’s wife Donna and daughter-in-law, Zoe, taught classes on leadership to the school faculty and staff, and threw princess parties for the younger girls at the school. The Aust family has donated funds for a basketball/soccer court at the school.

Stuart first heard of COTN from his good friend Bruce Donoho, Owner/President of Bird-B-Gone, who invited him on a trip to Sierra Leone the previous year. After that trip and learning how almost half a million children had become orphaned due to the ravages of an eleven-year Civil War, an AIDS epidemic, and a deadly outbreak of Ebola, Stuart felt called to return to Sierra Leone with his family and join COTN’s mission of bringing hope to the children of this nation. The Aust Group is excited to partner with Children of the Nations.

For more information on The Aust Group’s partnership with Children of the Nations, please feel free to contact Stuart Aust at 772-299-8534 or For more information on Children of the Nations, visit