Newest ACEs and BCEs Announced

The Entomological Society of America announced new ACEs and BCEs – the following earned their certification since Mid-June:

• Mr. Lorenzo Jackson Llamas, ACE, (Western Exterminators), Anaheim, CA USA. Certified on 6/20/2017
• Mr. Kenneth O. Howard, ACE, (Allgood Pest Solutions), Dublin, GA USA. Certified on 5/22/2017
• Mr. Steven Matthew Swope, ACE, (Presto X), Springfield, MO USA. Certified on 5/21/2017

• Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE, (Rockwell Labs LTD), Mc Louth, KS USA. Certified on 6/27/2017
• Mr. David Lawrence Bradt III, BCE, (Oklahoma State University), Stillwater, OK USA. Certified on 6/18/2017