Congratulations to the Latest NPMA Members to Earn Their ACE and BCE

Please join us in congratulating these NPMA members who have earned their certification since mid-February.

Christopher James Quinn, ACE, (Target Specialty Products)
James V. Hearity, ACE, (Residex LLC), 
Teresa Renee Colella, ACE, (Eden Advanced Pest Tech / Rentokil)
William J. Graham, ACE, (IFC Services of California)
Sean Koch, ACE, (Steritech)
Bob Andrews, ACE, (Central Michigan Pest and Wildlife Management)
Andrew Peterson, ACE, (North Shore Pest Control, Inc.)
Joshua David Reed, ACE, (Griffin Pest Solutions)
Christina Lynn Buell, ACE, (Griffin Pest Solutions)
James Dennis Johnson, ACE, (Arrow Exterminators)
Timothy Ray Kendrick, ACE, (Waynes Environmental Services)
Brandon Scott Ryon, ACE, (ABC Home and Commercial Services)
Paul Mazzenga, ACE, (Orkin Pest Control)
Michael G. Raymond, ACE, (Orkin Pest Control)
Kent Leigh Buchanan, ACE (Ecolab)
Charles R. Barton II, ACE, (Home Paramount Pest Control Co.)
Michael Swanson, ACE, (Preventive Pest Control)
Joseph Raymond Hoerl, ACE, (Preventive Pest Control)
Kyle Parker, ACE, (Preventive Pest Control)
Leverett Ashley James Hadlow II, ACE, (Preventive Pest Control)
Sidney George Busby, ACE, (Burnum-Hahn Exterminators)
Joseph Justin Hyland, ACE, (Modern Pest Services)
Wade Elwyn Wilson, ACE, (Turner Pest Control)
Ronald Glen Coats, ACE, (Bill Clark Bugsperts Inc.)
William Blake Grimsley II, ACE, (Arrow Exterminators)
Robin Dale Fragosa, ACE, (Orkin Pest Control)
Brad Allen Fischer, ACE, (Batzner Pest Control)
Vernon Kenneth Carl Holliman, ACE, (Terminix)
Eric Sebring, ACE, (Western Exterminators)

Shamus Breau, ACE-I, (Pacific Pest Solutions)
Kurtis Jon Brown, ACE-I, (Associated Victoria Pest Control, Ltd.)

Dr. Kevin R Ulrich, BCE, (University of Maryland - College Park)
Sonal Nagla, BCE, (Rentokil Canada Pest Control Ltd.)
Laura M. Krueger Prelesnik, BCE, (Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District)