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NSPCA SPAR Carl Braun Testifies on Two Bills in Nebraska

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NSPCA SPAR Carl Braun Testifies on Two Bills in Nebraska

LB 1159: NPMA, NSPCA, and SPARs Travis Lucas and Carl Braun have been hard at work over the past few months to reform the burdensome nature of licensing pesticide applicators in Nebraska. A headache for many companies is ensuring that a new hire earns his or her pesticide applicator license within 60 days. This requirement is burdensome for two reasons: 1. The time frame is too short & 2. If an employee fails the exam, they must stop working. Carl relayed NSCPA’s position to the Committee: “LB 1159 will greatly help our industry in our mission to protect public health and property by extending the 60-day time frame to 120 days and allow for an unlimited number of exam attempts within that time frame. We urge you to pass LB 1159, as these minor changes will greatly benefit our companies and employees in their mission to protect public health and property in Nebraska.” LB 1159 is viable and has broad support among applicator groups.

LB 864: Carl testified before the Nebraska Urban Affairs Committee on LB 864 which would require PMPs to inspect and treat for bed bugs when tenants experience them. This bill is largely based off of the Colorado bill HB 1328 that was enacted into law last year. Basically, the tenant gets bed bugs and the landlord must hire a PMP to inspect and treat for bed bugs in most circumstances. A portion of what Carl asserted on behalf of NSCPA: “Implementing the expertise of licensed pest control companies would be the most feasible and reliable answer to curbing bed bug infestations within buildings. In addition, tenants should not fear eviction and other ramifications when they notify landlords of an infestation in a timely manner and cooperate, and landlords should be responsible for employing pest management professionals for inspections and treatments. Every party wins in this situation, the tenant gets relief from bed bugs, landlords save money by squashing the bed bug problem early and preventing further spread of infestations in their building, and the people of Nebraska win by fewer bed bugs being spread among public transport, schools, offices, apartments, and homes throughout Nebraska. NSPCA urges you to pass LB 864 and fight back against bed bugs.” LB 864 is expected to have a stakeholder process in the near future.

We applaud Carl’s hard work on behalf of our industry and we will continue to support these positive bills.



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