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Q: Clients regularly disregard my sanitation protocols, often making problems worse. How do I get them to follow my recommendations?

A: When tackling a pest problem, your client can be your biggest ally or your greatest obstacle. Their willingness to comply with your guidelines can dramatically influence the speed at which many pest problems are resolved. For example, an account that is kept clean and organized can facilitate inspections and minimize pest harborage, reducing the likelihood of an infestation. On the other hand, a home with overflowing garbage cans and cluttered rooms will provide pests with the food and harborage they need to thrive. In order to get your clients to buy into your protocol, they must understand why they are being asked to follow your recommendations. Otherwise, they are likely to view your guidelines as a burden because of the extra work they are being asked to do. Take the time to explain how your sanitation protocol reduces pest problems. For example, explain how the smallest food spills can compete with insecticide baits, reducing their effectiveness. Or, show them how a cluttered closet can be difficult to inspect and can provide abundant harborage for pests. When your clients understand the benefit of sanitation, they are far more likely to comply with your recommendations.

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