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Host: Robert Thomas Iron Designs
When: October 5-6
Where: Charleston, SC
Registration opened July 1

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October 18 - 21, 2018

The Metal Museum is pleased to announce Repair Days 2018, an annual fundraiser hosted by the Metal Museum where nearly 200 metalsmiths from across the country come to Memphis to make repairs on metal objects brought in by the community.

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Next year's METALfab, which will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana, will feature the top-notch education, technology, and the amazing networking you expect. New in 2019 is the addition of the International Door Association (IDA). With NOMMA and AFA, this means a total of THREE association shows in one place.

When you register for METALfab and include education, that means you can attend education sessions from all three associations! If these dates fall during Spring Break for your children, we’ll have plenty of suggested activities for your family, so bring them along!

For advertising opportunities in the show issue(s) of Fabricator, contact Beth Palmer at

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D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
Member News
MANAGING SCHEDULES & EXPECTATIONS – Every straightforward project can benefit from smart time management, especially when working on more complex projects. When working on complex projects, always make sure you know your customer’s expectations. Once the expectations are set, communicate this with all teams involved (internal and external) – communication is always key. Check with your suppliers, and if you have to, substitute services to ensure accurate lead times. Always build a schedule, go over it with your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that all deadlines are achievable to avoid chaos. Don’t over commit yourself.

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All 13 members of the Board attended the meeting in Indianapolis. Rob Rolves, NEF Chair, also attended. The meeting agenda was jam-packed. Max Hains, NOMMA President, expertly facilitated the meeting. Here’s what the Board is working on:

1. Governance Policies—legal review and updates continue on the policies.
2. Branding—a new logo is nearing completion.
3. Website—to better serve members, the website is being significantly improved with better organization and a modern look.
4. Finances—the budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 was approved.
5. Membership—a significant amount of time was devoted to strategic discussions on how to better serve current members and attract new members.

The NOMMA Board will have their next face-to-face meeting on October 15-16 in Dallas. The Executive Committee meets monthly by teleconference.

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John Hancock now provides our members with 401K plan management and succession planning services.

Many of our business members share a similar challenge - how to successfully transition their business to either a family member or an outside party. John Hancock's Retirement Planning Services guides members through the many choices that need to be made.

John Hancock is a leader in the Retirement Plan Services marketplace servicing over 57,500 plans and helping over 2.7 million participants in companies of all sizes.

For more details, contact Nick Lang at Alliant Insurance at 212-603-0393.

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Prevent Callbacks Before They Happen!
D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
D&D Technologies SureClose® gate hinges and hinge-closers are hydraulic, commercial-grade closing solutions for a range of heavy duty commercial, industrial and residential gates. Shut It® industrial metal gate hinges feature high-temperature sealed bearings allowing the hinges to be powder coated while installed on the gate, are maintenance free, adjustable and offer near frictionless movement. D&D continually sets new standards in design, performance, craftsmanship and innovation. Learn more by visiting our website today
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Featured Top Job Contest Winners

Category Q: Art/Sculpture

(Objects specifically designed as art or sculpture. This category includes fountains, statues, etc.)

Featured Gold Winner: Magnum Companies, Phoenix, Arizona

Description of project: The Moebius "Cloud" represents a 3D infinity symbol structure. This structure is 316 Stainless Steel with an internal fog machine system. This was a solid works 3D design, flat plate water jet cut segments rolled and welded to create tube/beam structure. Then, it was clad with #8 mirror finish Stainless Steel. Once it was finished, it was assembled complete and transported to Culver City California for a "drop in" install.
Featured Stories
The unseen costs of the Trump administration's bellicose trade policy matter too.

Business had been good at Jack's Ornamental Iron. So good, in fact, that co-owners Greg Schow and Tina Pardue were planning to expand into a larger workspace and hire 25 percent more employees.

But those plans have been canceled, they told a local Salt Lake City television station this week, because President Donald Trump's tariffs have imposed huge new costs on the metalworking company's supplies of steel and aluminum.

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Students from ETH Zurich have pioneered a method of casting complex, one-off architectural structures from metal in a 3D-printed mould.

Deep Facade, a six-metre-high aluminium structure with ribbons of metal looped in an organic fashion that recalls the folds of the brain's cerebral cortex, is the first metal facade cast in a 3D-printed mould.

The facade was created by students of the Digital Fabrication course working with senior ETH Zurich researcher Mania Aghaei Meibodi, whose research explores how 3D printing can be used to create bespoke metal building elements.

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Tips & Tricks
Outdoor workers in agriculture, construction, and other industries are exposed to a great deal of exertional and environmental heat stress that may lead to severe illness or death. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends that employers have a plan in place to prevent heat-related illness. The plan should include hydration (drinking plenty of water), acclimatization (getting used to weather conditions), and schedules that alternate work with rest. Employers should also train workers about the hazards of working in hot environments.

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There are contractors who say they love the [trade industry] business so much that they would not do anything else for a living. But it's impossible to live on a business that doesn’t make money. Sometimes in [the trade industry], jobs get mired in delays, cost overruns, unexpected changes, late payments and even nonpayment, leaving contractors to salvage what they can.

However, one place where general contractors and subcontractors alike can help to prevent the bleeding of cash during the course of a project is in their contracts.

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