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Be sure to register for the industry event of the year! 

The METALfab Annual Meeting will be held March 16 through March 19 in Greenville, South Carolina. 

To register online, visit

The 2016 ABANA Salt Lake City Conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Utah State Fairpark from July 13 through July 16. There will be demos of architectural and sculptural blacksmithing, foldforming, and more. There will also be teaching tents with hands-on participation with the demonstrators, professional seminars, a fine art gallery with an auction, a marketplace, and so much more! 

Reserve your hotel now and pay later! There will also be on-site camping available. 

To find out more and to register, visit
Member News

The Upper Midwest Chapter and NEF have joined together again to offer the Todd Kinnikin Scholarship for the 2016 METALfab convention. This scholarship will reimburse the amount of the full registration and help offset some of the the travel / lodging expenses that the winner would have occurred by attending. This is a value of $1,000.00.  
This scholarship honors our friend Todd Kinnikin and showcases the value of attending NOMMA's annual convention, which is held in Greenville, South Carolina on March 16-19, 2016.
All you need to do is fill out an application which is available through NOMMA's website, agree to attend the education sessions and functions that NEF & NOMMA are offering, and do a follow up of the experience which will be used to promote the scholarship in years to come.

The application deadline is January 9. The winner will be announced at the January 23 meeting of the Upper Midwest Chapter. Please refer to NOMMA's website for complete rules and information or contact me directly with any questions.
Mark O'Malley
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If you do, please be sure to share this information with our new NOMMA editor in chief, Marbella Miller. We love to feature news, updates, tips, etc. from our members and friends in the industry in both the O&MM Fabricator and in the NOMMA Newswire eNewsletter. You can reach Marbella directly by emailing her at 
Featured Top Job Contest Winners
Now is a great time of year to get pictures for your projects. The contest deadline is January 31, 2016.

In order you enter, you will need to:
•  Email your photos and job description here:
•  See the rest of the Rules HERE.•  Pay for your entry by visiting THIS site.
Please note that this year:
1. ALL entries must have digital photos emailed to the above address.
2. ALL entries must have description cards completed via the web application above. This is to provide consistent information to voters in the gallery. 
3. The "Structures" category has been renamed "Structural and Miscellaneous."
Contest Fees: 
•  Regular Fee (Dec. 31) - $75
•  Late Fee (Jan. 19) - $125

In order to be placed in this category, work must involve previously done metalwork. Four photos (two prior to restoration and two after) are also required. More than four may be submitted and will be used at the discretion of the committee.

Gold Winner:

Finelli Architectural Iron & Stairs
Solon, Ohio

Finelli Architectural Iron & Stairs team were commissioned by the current homeowner to restore two driveway gates entrances originally fabricated by Edgar Brandt in 1926. Once the existing work was photographed, documented, cataloged and labeled, the team proceeded with the help of a crane to dismantle the major components. After a trip to the sandblaster, they assessed the extent of the deterioration with the homeowner. Once the disassembly had begun, they discovered, much to their amazement, that there was no evidence of one weld. The main framework was held together with mortise, tenon and pins along with over 700 mechanical fasteners per entry way for the remainder of the components. They also found inconsistencies between the archive photos housed in a local university and the current assembly due to past repairs. The Finelli Architectural Iron & Stairs team proceeded to have components recast from a box of partial pieces from an onsite outbuilding that the owner had saved. The team also collaborated with a fellow NOMMA member to reproduce the repoussé work for all the rosettes leaves and husks.

Roughly 2,500 hours of labor and 900 hours of repoussé labor were spent. 

Silver Winner:
Allen Architectural Metals Inc.
Talladega, Alabama

The restoration project took place on Drayton Street across from Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia. Legend and Ghost Lore abound in this National Landmark Treasure founded in 1808 as a seaman's hospital and poor house. The oldest hospital in Georgia and the second oldest continually operating hospital in the country have recently been restored to its former glory. The scope consisted of restoring and re-creating one half of the double porch balconies, due to V2 of the porch and balcony were removed in a 1960s modernization of the building. Four massive cast iron columns complete with bases and ornate capitals had to be created to match the original existing columns. The complex capitals were created by master carving each leaf element and casting them separately for attachment to the columns. A total of 184 pieces were cast for these columns. The complications of these castings were that they had to be cast in vertical halves to wrap newly installed structural beams. In addition to the columns, balcony railings and elaborate cast iron perimeter fencing were re-created from existing components to enclose the property. Window grills and anthemions were also created for every window opening. The once removed side of the Radius Entrance Railing had to be fabricated in the field to match the geometry of the newly-installed marble steps, both matching the original stairway. This was no easy task as there was no mathematical geometry used in the forming of the original steps, to further complicate this, ADA handrail had to be added to both sides in order to adhere to today's building code requirements. This project took a year to complete and has been recognized as a significant restored addition to Savannah's Historic Architectural Culture.

Bronze Winner:

Majka Railing Co. Inc.
Saddle Brook, New Jersey

The team's quest for this project was to restore very ornate cast iron railings originally built in 1900 which had been removed prior and stored for more than 30 years in the basement. The railings were in a very degraded condition. Welding repairs were made to all damaged areas and threaded connections were repaired. Concrete and rebar in the posts were drilled out in preparation for sandblasting and powder coating. The dimensions required alterations to meet installation. Re-positioning of the castings required cutting and reconnecting with mechanical fasteners and also dowel and pin connections. Many challenges were faced while working on this project. One that stands out was finding enough sections from the original to re-size and fit the 60 feet of railing including the original wood handrail needed around the escalator. Because it is a part of the Ladies Mile Historic District and crafted in the Beaux Arts style, the Majka Railing Co. team and the owner paid great attention to detail maintaining the historic integrity of the property. 

Approximately 360 hours were spent on the restoration work.
Featured Stories

Starting on Jan. 12, 2016, new UL 325 changes take effect, bringing a series of new mandates for the gate operator industry. Here’s a quick guide to the key modifications.

Since 2000, gate operators have been required to have two independent entrapment protection devices for each area requiring entrapment protection. The changes listed here will affect manufacturers as well as installers.

For example, manufacturers need to ensure that a gate operator can detect (1) that each external entrapment protection device is connected and functioning properly, (2) that a Type E audible alarm is not one of the required means of entrapment protection, and (3) that their instructions have been properly updated.

Installers need to understand the new requirements and ensure that the products are installed in accordance with the instructions and local codes. This may include installing external devices that are new or different from ones used in the past.
Read the full article in the November/December 2015 issue of  O&MM Fabricator magazine.

*SOURCE CREDIT: Reprinted in the November/December issue of O&MM Fabricator with permission of Door & Access Systems Magazine
Overly’s Country Christmas opens for the season Friday night at Westmoreland Fairgrounds. This year, it will feature three towering snowmen — or rather, snowpeople.

Time to string up the lights. Overly’s Country Christmas is back. And now, the towering "snowman" who greeted so many families last year, has a "family" of his own. A "wife" and "son" have been added.

"About a year and a half ago, I went to Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) and saw a metal sculpture in their lobby," said Overly’s executive director, Stephanie Tomasic. "And that inspired us to ask what we could do together, to create something for Christmas Village."

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Tips & Tricks
It’s [December], which means it’s time for you and your team to put together next year’s plan.

Ugh. At most companies, those words just drain the energy from the room. Preparing the annual plan is a painful ritual that eats up time and produces little. There’s usually fallout, too. When it’s time to create the plan, the senior team goes to some offsite retreat for a couple of days. Everyone else is left to do the work—and to roll their eyes about what "planning" really means.

Planning at open-book companies is a little different, and a whole lot more productive. There are three key points of distinction.

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