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If you or someone you know would benefit from the Metal Museum's Blacksmithing Apprenticeship, please submit an application online. All materials are due by Monday, March 4 with award notification by March 19.
Artists programs at the Metal Museum support metalsmiths, their creative processes, and the development of new ideas and work. These programs provide opportunities for ongoing research, professional development, and networking and they ultimately strive to foster apprentices' creative growth. Apprentices work 40 hours per week - primarily in the Smithy - on Museum commissions, and the artists have access to the shops in their off hours to develop a body of their own work.
If you are an educator, I hope you will consider forwarding this email to your colleagues and students.
-Jim Masterson, Lead Designer & Shop Foreman

METALfab, which will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana, will feature the top-notch education, technology, and the amazing networking you expect. New in 2019 is the addition of the International Door Association (IDA). With NOMMA and AFA, this means a total of THREE association shows in one place. When you register for METALfab and include education, that means you can attend education sessions from all three associations! If these dates fall during Spring Break for your children, we’ll have plenty of suggested activities for your family, so bring them along! 

Visit to learn more.
Lewis Brass & Copper Co. Inc.
D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
Member News
Alro Steel has started construction of a new facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The building will be 195,000 square feet and located along U.S. 41 Highway, approximately four miles from Alro Steel’s existing location in Oshkosh. The larger facility will allow for additional products and processing equipment. Completion date is scheduled for early 2020.
Alro Steel was founded in 1948 by brothers Al and Robert Glick. The company is a distributor of metals, industrial supplies, and engineering plastics. Alro is focused on offering cut-to-size metals and plastics with next day delivery to over 25,000 customers in North America. Alro has grown to over 70 locations in 12 states and provides a broad inventory of products under the following companies: Alro Steel, Alro Metals, Alro Metals Outlet, Alro Industrial Supply, and Alro Plastics. To learn more, visit
Thank you to everyone who attended the February Roundtable discussion. We welcomed guest speaker, Terry Barrett from Pinpoint Solutions, to spearhead the conversation on Design & Drafting. Topics discussed included:
1 – Subbing out drawings can help you with back log issues in design.
2 – Make sure that you are concise and provide as much detail as possible as to what you are expecting from your sub designer.
3 – Plan accordingly to meet your customer’s needs and schedule.
4 – How to train for the position
5 – Which software to use
To view the full February Roundtable recap, visit Be sure to join us for the March Roundtable happening on Wednesday, March 20 at 3PM EST
Prevent Callbacks Before They Happen!
D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
D&D Technologies SureClose® gate hinges and hinge-closers are hydraulic, commercial-grade closing solutions for a range of heavy duty commercial, industrial and residential gates. Shut It® industrial metal gate hinges feature high-temperature sealed bearings allowing the hinges to be powder coated while installed on the gate, are maintenance free, adjustable and offer near frictionless movement. D&D continually sets new standards in design, performance, craftsmanship and innovation. Learn more by visiting our website today
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Featured Top Job Contest Winners
The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Contest is a peer-judged competition created to honor outstanding work. NOMMA members from around the world compete for awards in 17 categories, including forged and non-forged work ranging from gates and stairs to furniture and accessories. All entries are showcased during our annual METALfab convention, where NOMMA members select each year’s winners. 
In order to make this year's Top Job Contest a hit at one of our largest tradeshows of the year, we need your help with project submissions. The following list includes the categories that do not have enough entries to be considered for voting. A total of FIVE entries are needed for each category. Showcase your work and be part of NOMMA's prestegious Top Job Contest by entering your project. Contact Will Keeler directly at for more information. 
F: Exterior Railings and Fences – Non-forged (2 submitted)
H: Furniture and Access – Non-forged (3 submitted)
J: Gates and Doors – Non-forged (3 submitted)
L: Stairs Commercial (4 submitted) - only one more needed!
N: Structural & Misc. (2 submitted)
MB Software Solutions, LLC
Featured Stories
 All over London, upcycled stretchers from World War II can be found on public display — not as monuments or memorials, but as everyday elements of urban infrastructure. Many housing estate fences, initially stripped for critical materials to aid the war effort, were reconstructed with stretchers suspended between vertical supports.
Small business issues often win bipartisan support on Capitol Hill, but given the divisions in the incoming 116th Congress, advocates for companies have low expectations.
Even after lawmakers deal with the partial government shutdown, a Democratic House, a Republican Senate and ongoing investigations of the Trump White House and campaign are expected to be obstacles to much small business-related work getting done.
When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a memorandum in 2018 announcing that agency inspectors are now authorized to use camera-carrying Unmanned Aircraft Systems—or drones—to collect evidence during inspections in certain workplace settings, employers across the country should have collectively raised their eyes to the sky. This development means that OSHA inspectors are not only authorized to conduct in-person inspections of your workplace, they can fly remote-controlled aircraft above your worksite to track down safety violations. While most would agree that workplace safety is of the utmost importance, the use of drones to inspect a worksite raises new concerns for employers.
Tips & Tricks
Transporting equipment between construction sites requires attention to the details.
The major risk when transporting equipment occurs during the loading and unloading procedure. Following a few basic guidelines can help ensure safe equipment transport. We contacted Nathan Uphus, sales manager, Felling Trailers, to provide a list of the top 10 safety tips.
Owners, contractors, and subcontractors can hardly have a bigger source of project disputes than when unforeseen conditions, changes, or additions arise during construction. The proverbial “no change orders” mantra may sound good at the beginning, but for parties to have that heading into a construction contract, it is a dangerous expectation to have. The reality is that change orders are inevitable (both valid and invalid ones), so parties to a construction contract should think long and hard about how they want the contract to address changes that will undoubtedly come up.



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