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Don't miss the Metal Museum's 40th Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, February 5, from 6 - 8PM.

Join museum friends as they celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Metal Museum with live music, after-hours access to our new exhibition, Crafting A Legacy: 40 Years of Collecting & Exhibiting at the Metal Museum, and guest appearances by artists who have been vital to the continued success and evolution of the Museum. Guests are invited to enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres, birthday cake, and beverages. Learn more and RSVP by visiting

Next year's METALfab, which will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana, will feature the top-notch education, technology, and the amazing networking you expect. New in 2019 is the addition of the International Door Association (IDA). With NOMMA and AFA, this means a total of THREE association shows in one place. When you register for METALfab and include education, that means you can attend education sessions from all three associations! If these dates fall during Spring Break for your children, we’ll have plenty of suggested activities for your family, so bring them along! For advertising opportunities in the show issue(s) of Fabricator, contact Beth Palmer at

Lewis Brass & Copper Co. Inc.
D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
Member News
In honor of the 80th Anniversary, Albina created a museum on site, called “The Smith-sonian”, honoring the family name and housing one of the first ever pieces of equipment that Albina owned and used to bend materials. Brian’s grandfather built the “Model-T” bending machine in the early 1940s utilizing the transmission and differential from a “Model-T” Ford. This machine was used until the 1990s to bend various materials such as pipe, tube, and square and rectangular hollow structural steel. “The Smith-sonian” is ready for visitors. Cheers to 80 Years!

NOMMA members gathered for the year's first Roundtable discussion on January 9 and covered a host of topics centered around planning for short- and long-term slow downs. Here's a quick recap of what was discussed:

Short Term – Things to Consider:

  • Shop projects
  • Training for your staff
  • Updating the website
  • Get some new certifications
  • Study historical estimating data

Long Term – Things to Consider:

  • Diversification – expanding into new markets
  • Outsource to lower overhead cost
  • Bonded an public works projects
  • Develop a product
  • Downsize your staff
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D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
D&D Technologies SureClose® gate hinges and hinge-closers are hydraulic, commercial-grade closing solutions for a range of heavy duty commercial, industrial and residential gates. Shut It® industrial metal gate hinges feature high-temperature sealed bearings allowing the hinges to be powder coated while installed on the gate, are maintenance free, adjustable and offer near frictionless movement. D&D continually sets new standards in design, performance, craftsmanship and innovation. Learn more by visiting our website today
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Featured Top Job Contest Winners
The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Contest is a peer-judged competition created to honor outstanding work. NOMMA members from around the world compete for awards in 17 categories, including forged and non-forged work ranging from gates and stairs to furniture and accessories. All entries are showcased during our annual METALfab convention, where NOMMA members select each year’s winners. 
In order to make this year's Top Job Contest a hit at one of our largest tradeshows of the year, we need your help with project submissions. The following list includes the categories that do not have enough entries to be considered for voting. A total of FIVE entries are needed for each category. There are seven categories that are only one entry away from qualifying. Showcase your work and be part of NOMMA's prestegious Top Job Contest by entering your project. Contact Will Keeler directly at for more information. 
A: Gates – Non-forged (4)
C: Interior Railings – Ferrous, Non-forged (4)
D: Interior Railings – Nonferrous, Non-forged (4)
F: Exterior Railings and Fences – Non-forged (2)
H: Furniture and Access – Non-forged (2)
J: Gates and Doors – Non-forged (3)
K: Gates and Doors – Forged (4)
L: Stairs Commercial (4)
N: Structural & Misc. (1)
P: Restoration (4)
Q: Art/Sculpture (4)
MB Software Solutions, LLC
Featured Stories
Any time the government shuts down, the public loses access to a wide range of services. The same is true for small businesses, which often take advantage government programs intended to encourage entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, when the federal government fails to keep the lights on, small businesses suffer alongside furloughed public workers. Here's a look at what to expect any time the government shuts down.
We spend an extraordinary amount of time and resources hand picking the “best and brightest” young people to work for our organization. And for good reason. Born between 1981 and 2000, Millennials grew up in an age of accelerated technological change. They tend to be tech-savvy and adept at change, an ideal combination for any organization on a quest to innovate, create and challenge the status quo.
But with all the great strengths of Millennials and the attention they receive from the media and Corporate America, it’s time for businesses to address the real elephant in the room—Generation X holds the key to bridging businesses from where they are today to where they’ll need to be in the future.
Tips & Tricks
Winter brings a new set of safety challenges to construction. Ice, snow, wind, freezing temperatures, poor visibility—it all adds risk. As you get ready for the season to change, think about prepping three aspects of your business: your team, your equipment and your site.
We know that sitting all day at your job isn’t the best idea when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, recent studies suggest that standing all day can have its drawbacks as well.
75% of the world’s working population spends all day working on their feet. Construction workers, teachers, nurses, retail workers, and waitresses are familiar with the feeling. Standing, bending down, and lifting objects can cause leg cramps and feet and back pain, even after just short periods of standing.



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