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Robert Thomas Iron Design @robertthomasiron served as host shop for the event in Charleston, SC. A big thank you to Robert and Natalie Thomas and their expert crew. 

This two-day event also featured a bonus session where hammers were made from scratch using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The educational workshop was an awesome opportunity for metalworkers to come together and learn from one another. For the first time, the workshop centered around a group project encompassing the complete design process from concept to full-scale drawings. 

Then, a forging plan was established and components were then made to add to plasma cut fabricated pieces. The group worked on the project while learning how to incorporate forge work into fabricated designs to create more customized work for clients. The finished project will be featured at the NEF Auction held during METALfab 2019! 

NEF gratefully acknowledges sponsors of the event: Lawler Foundry Corp, Grainger Metal Works and Burlington Misc. Metals, LLC.
October 18 - 21, 2018 The Metal Museum is pleased to announce Repair Days 2018, an annual fundraiser hosted by the Metal Museum where nearly 200 metalsmiths from across the country come to Memphis to make repairs on metal objects brought in by the community.
Next year's METALfab, which will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana, will feature the top-notch education, technology, and the amazing networking you expect. New in 2019 is the addition of the International Door Association (IDA). With NOMMA and AFA, this means a total of THREE association shows in one place. When you register for METALfab and include education, that means you can attend education sessions from all three associations! If these dates fall during Spring Break for your children, we’ll have plenty of suggested activities for your family, so bring them along! For advertising opportunities in the show issue(s) of Fabricator, contact Beth Palmer at
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Member News

The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Contest is a peer-judged competition created to honor outstanding work. NOMMA members from around the world compete for awards in 17 categories, including forged and non-forged work ranging from gates and stairs to furniture and accessories. All entries are showcased during our annual METALfab convention, where NOMMA members select each year’s winners. Learn more at

Entry Deadlines & Fees

Early Entry November 15, 2018 $65
Regular Entry December 21, 2018 $90
Late Entry January 25, 2019 $140

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Big news! As we approach the end of our 60th year, we are pleased to announce the new face of NOMMA which includes a new logo, colors and a new website! The logo is strong, vibrant, professional and inclusive of all members while showing that we are bonded by metal. Check out our new website on and be sure to watch the logo reveal!
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Featured Top Job Contest Winners

Category M: Stairs Complete (Residential)

(Majority of the stair to be metal construction installed in a private residence.)

Featured Gold Winner: Robert Thomas Iron Design, North Charleston, South Carolina

Description of project: The residential interior spiral staircase with integrated catwalk called for forged steel construction with live oak wood treads. The Robert Thomas Iron Design team worked directly with the client to create a spiral staircase with catwalk for their 18th Century carriage house. All parts of this project were forged in-house. Taking inspiration from the beautiful timber frame joinery in the room, the project was designed to have a traditional and slightly rustic look. All components are joined with friction-fit joinery, mainly the use of mortise and tenon joints held together with wedges. Rivets and hammered tenons were also used throughout the design to give it a traditional feel and put emphasis on the craftsmanship of the project.
Featured Stories
During a recent office meeting, a "kid" in his twenties took out his phone and started tapping away. My first reaction? I was offended. After the meeting, we cleared the air. He was taking notes — something well-educated, device-native Millennials do without a second thought — and I realized I needed to relearn how to lead in this multigenerational workforce.

Welcome to a new generation of what it means to work. Leaders everywhere know the world has changed. Learning how to incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have made businesses highly data-driven, and it’s forcing us to think about how we sell our goods and services differently.
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Protect yourself, your family and your company from data security threats.  A hack of your information, even just your personal email account, can have serious repercussions for you, as well as for Endeavor clients, employees and systems. 

Here are some tips to proactively protect yourself:
These days, more and more homeowners are looking to merge the indoors with the outdoors for an open, cohesive ambiance. Large windows and doors can accomplish this look, but using similar design touches inside and outside are another way to merge the two areas.

For example, matching the interior railing infill with the outdoors’ can create a unified look and feel. This technique can be especially effective when using a versatile railing infill material such as cable railing. And just as cable rail can update the look of an outdated deck while preserving views, it can also update and open interior spaces.



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