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Don't miss out on the upcoming NEF PRO event! Practical Forging: Incorporate Forge Work into Fabricated Designs Efficiently Sponsorship opportunities are still available! Whether you would like to contribute as an individual, a company, or a supplier - sponsoring this event directly helps our industry! Hosted by Robert Thomas Iron Designs, the NEF PRO Fall Continuing Education program will be held on October 5-6 in Charleston, South Carolina. Although registration opened July 1, there are still spots available, so register now! This event is limited to 40 registrants to ensure a hands-on experience.
October 18 - 21, 2018 The Metal Museum is pleased to announce Repair Days 2018, an annual fundraiser hosted by the Metal Museum where nearly 200 metalsmiths from across the country come to Memphis to make repairs on metal objects brought in by the community.
Next year's METALfab, which will be located in Indianapolis, Indiana, will feature the top-notch education, technology, and the amazing networking you expect. New in 2019 is the addition of the International Door Association (IDA). With NOMMA and AFA, this means a total of THREE association shows in one place. When you register for METALfab and include education, that means you can attend education sessions from all three associations! If these dates fall during Spring Break for your children, we’ll have plenty of suggested activities for your family, so bring them along! For advertising opportunities in the show issue(s) of Fabricator, contact Beth Palmer at
D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
Member News
Big news! As we approach the end of our 60th year, we are pleased to announce the new face of NOMMA which includes a new logo, colors and a new website! The logo is strong, vibrant, professional and inclusive of all members while showing that we are bonded by metal. Check out our new website on and be sure to watch the logo reveal!
During last week's roundtable discussion, we discussed the topic of business women’s point of view in a male-dominated industry and advice a woman starting out in this industry could benefit from. Questions like "How do you juggle both a family and a business?" and "How do you deal with disrespectful peers?" These topics, among others, were discussed with a top-notch panel including Gina Pietrocola of DJA Imports, Heidi Bailey of Bailey Metal, Racheal Miller of Spirit Ironworks, Monique LeBlanc of Metalhead Inc., and Jan Allen Smith of Allen Iron Works. Top takeaways from this discussion included the following: 1) Understand there will be sacrifices that will need to be made - both in business and your personal life. 2) Never stop learning. Continue to educate yourself on all parts of your business. 3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This not a sign of a weak woman; it’s a sign of a smart woman. 4) Be true to yourself. Learn to be more assertive as needed.
Prevent Callbacks Before They Happen!
D & D Technologies (USA), Inc.
D&D Technologies SureClose® gate hinges and hinge-closers are hydraulic, commercial-grade closing solutions for a range of heavy duty commercial, industrial and residential gates. Shut It® industrial metal gate hinges feature high-temperature sealed bearings allowing the hinges to be powder coated while installed on the gate, are maintenance free, adjustable and offer near frictionless movement. D&D continually sets new standards in design, performance, craftsmanship and innovation. Learn more by visiting our website today
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Featured Top Job Contest Winners

Category C: Interior Railings (Ferrous, Non-forged)

(All railings including custom castings and cold forged elements with less than 5% custom hand forgings.)

Featured Gold Winner: Groll Ornamental Iron Works, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Description of project: This interior stair railing was over 12 feet high, so there was a curved landing that made it more difficult to bend the transitions.
This was also the first time the Groll Ornamental Iron Works team created a piece like this one.
The stairs were designed by the fabricator, and total hours invested were approximately 480. 
Featured Stories
Currently, the combination of dark blue and brass hardware is appearing everywhere in the sphere of interior design. From kitchen cabinets and bathroom faucets to the use of the styles in public spaces like restaurants, the trend steers away from the all-white trend and presents a high-end feel. Vox’s Eliza Brooke says the colors are the convergence of two separate design trends with similar origins.
The construction industry has turned to 3D printing to realize complex shapes, build in dangerous or remote areas, and reduce material waste and onsite construction costs, among other benefits. As the software and equipment for 3D printing improves, legacy construction companies and startups alike are recognizing its potential for real-world fabrication. Here are a few use cases that are shaking up the industry.
Architectural Metal Fabricator, Master level
Iron Masters, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic award winning architectural metal studio is seeking a highly experienced metal fabricator. Minimum of 15 years of fabricating curved descending stair railings, gates, etc. Proficiency in reading architectural drawings, field measuring, template making, laying out work, installation, etc. is required. Some travel is expected.
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Tips & Tricks
NOMMA Member and Top Job award winner, Amos Glick of Compass Ironworks, shared his tips and tricks on how you can save time and money when welding jigs. This article originally ran in the May/June 2016 issue of NOMMA's Fabricator magazine.



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