Category G - Exterior Railings & Fences - Forged

Gold: BELT

Title of Entry: Old Post Office, Washington, D.C.

Finish Type: Polished bronze and paint on iron

Total Labor Hours: 12,500

Materials Used: Bronze and iron

This breathtaking bronze and iron railing in the historical old post office in Washington, D.C. was restored to its former glory by BELT, from Hollywood, FL.The company had to work carefully to protect the cultural heritage and distinctive Romanesque Revival architecture of the early 20s, and to preserve the timeless details of the stairwell's classic style.

The design was proposed and developed by BELT, in collaboration with the designer, the owner, and historic landmark guidelines. Countless concepts, sketches and shop drawings culminated in this stunning staircase, which has natural polished bronze and iron with black semi-matte paint finish. The biggest challenge they had to overcome was time. The design for the stairwell actually began about three years before the start of the project, and the team had to be patient throughout the long process of obtaining special permits and final approvals. After all of that preparation, BELT only had 12 weeks to craft 234 feet of railing. The total craftsmen labor totaled about 12,500 hours, with processes including forge, assembly, casting, polishing and finish.

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