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Jack Klahm of Klahm & Sons, Inc. Wins NOMMA's 2018 Mitch Heitler Award 

Description of project: This grand staircase was designed and made in-house. All the materials are aluminum. There is approximately 90 feet of curb rotunda railing, and 90 feet of curved staircase. The primary bar in the rails is 1" round solid. Various sizes of smaller round bar were used for the infill. The lotus flowers are two different sizes. The flowers and the leaf work were made from .090 alloy 3003 sheet metal. All of the flowers are mechanically attached to the tapered 1" bar. A chiseled center cap that covers the screw attachment was used. The peacocks were airbrushed. The cap rail is a 2 ¼" Dixie type. The finish is a very dark bronze, with dry brushed bronze accents. This project took approximately 4,000 hours. 
"Thank goodness, in the building code you can use the first three steps without meeting height requirement for the handrails. This gave me freedom to design the beginning of each stair." - Jack Klahm

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