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How to Work With Different Generations

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Matt Burgess, CEO of Missouri Land Company has more than two decades of developing commercial and residential real estate. With a unique ability to bring people together for the advantage of all involved, Matt understands the benefits of collaboration. His extensive background in site development, land acquisition, land planning, construction, rental properties, and general contracting has driven exponential growth in communities throughout the U.S.

When baby boomers collaborate with millennials, Matt suggests the following:

  • Communicate Preferences: At the start, convey your preferred method of communication. According to the Princeton Review, the awareness of preferred work styles is key to bridging generation gaps. Be clear about whether you are more likely to respond via phone, text, email, or face-to-face meeting. When communications preferences are known, less time is wasted waiting on responses.

  • Awareness and Appreciation: Take the time to understand why each team member is involved in the development deal. This will make you acutely aware of each individual’s value, decrease frustration, and foster an environment of respect.

  • Be Humble: Do not let ego and righteousness get in the way of progress. Respect each individual’s contributions.

  • Build a Relationship: Invest the time to build a relationship with those involved in the deal away from the negotiation table and the project. When you begin to foster a more personal relationship with an individual (as opposed to building a relationship with the tasks for which the individual is responsible), you gain a broader perspective about their approach.

  • Know When To Walk Away: Sometimes a deal goes south. It could have nothing to do with the personalities (or ages) of those involved, or it could have everything to do with those variables. A smart commercial development professional knows when to walk away in order to save time, money, and frustration. 

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