Technology innovations such as drones, driverless vehicles and 3D printers are radically changing how buildings are constructed these days, and will do so even more in the future. That is both good and bad, depending on your perspective. While technology is making construction safer and, in some cases, better, it is also eliminating jobs. Associated General Contractors of Mississippi Executive Director Bob Wilson said innovations in construction technology are exploding right now. SOURCE: MISSISSIPPI BUSINESS JOURNAL
At first glance, there's nothing remarkable about SolePower's latest work boot prototype. The Pittsburgh-based startup has gone through at least 20 other iterations of the boot, and this one took about six months to create. The footwear looks normal - all black save for the company's white and green logo. But after a few steps, rectangular sections in the heels illuminate a bright orange, reminiscent of the lights inside a traffic tunnel. That's when you know they're charging. SOURCE: PHYS.ORG
On August 3 – 4, AGC will host the 2017 IT Forum Conference at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado. The 9th annual technology conference is the construction industry’s one-stop shop for great discussions and presentations on important innovative technology topics, such as Who’s the Boss, Affordable IT Solutions, Taking a Hard Hat Approach to Cybersecurity, Perspectives on Integration from Across the Construction Industry, and Budget and ROI. This year’s conference will be led by keynote speaker Nathan Wood, the Founder and Chief Enabling Officer of Spectrum AEC. To register and learn more visit the conference website at and follow us on Twitter at @AGCIT.
If you’re interested in the AGC IT Forum conference but aren’t sure what to expect, you can get a sneak peak of the event right now on the IT Forum Conference website. AGC of America has produces a series of short videos featuring panel hosts and moderators, including Christian Burger (President, Burger Consulting Group), Michael Oster (President, Gemba Technologies), Kevin Soohoo (Field CTO, Rhumbix), and keynote speaker Nathan C. Wood (Founder and Chief Enabling Officer, Spectrum AEC). In each video, these experts discuss the importance of their respective panels and the purpose they serve in the construction industry’s fast-paced, technology-driven landscape. To view the video series, as well as a video endorsement by Sam Lamonica (Chief Information Officer at Rosendin Electric), visit
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Technology continues evolving, offering more opportunities for construction firms to automate practices and explore new ways to build. BY DEBRA WOOD
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ASCENT- Center for Technical Knowledge
For 20+ years ASCENT has helped customers become more productive with their engineering software programs through targeted, customizable and affordable learning solutions. Training materials include printed guides, eBooks, videos, and online learning courses. ASCENT also provides technical writing and editing services for any type of product documentation. Contact us: 1.866.527.2368
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These days if a page takes more than a 1.6 seconds to load, we're ready to hand the computer back to the shop and claim a new one. But remember when you could leave the screen to make a cup of tea and still be waiting for your webpage on your return? How quickly we have forgotten the battle of someone wanting to use the landline while we're trying to have a conversation on MSN messenger. Here a few of those long-forgotten technology struggles. SOURCE: THE SUN
Ebook: Transition to a Paperless Construction Company
Imagine being able to update an entire team’s sheets in real-time without having to wait for a new set to be printed, delivered, and distributed. Going paperless isn’t just about saving the environment — it’s about realizing a dramatic increase in productivity for business. No matter which solution you choose, going digital will help reduce risk, increase ROI, and boost productivity.
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More than 50,000 projects worldwide use Fieldwire daily to save time and money by quickly viewing current plans and managing tasks during construction.
The Construction Open Standards Alliance (COSA) is a community of construction industry professionals who support open integration standards in construction software. Join the effort today.

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