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The buzz has started. Are you listening? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is definitely being discussed. In fact, it has been discussed, analyzed and debated in the construction industry for several years now. While North America is often on the cutting edge of construction technologies, in some regions, particularly the United Kingdom, the industry adoption of BIM occurred faster than what we have seen in our part of the world. However, like many new technologies in our industry, the adoption of BIM has grown rapidly and North America is now a major region of BIM usage.
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The focus of the agcXML presentation/demo is to demonstrate AGC’s role in effecting change within construction technology by defining a standard method for exchanging data between construction software systems for heavily used construction transaction processes. Using RFIs as an example, attendees will walk away with an understanding of how this will be accomplished, how it benefits their business, who is participating in the initiative, which vendors are involved and when they can expect to see the initiative adopted by the construction software industry.
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Frustrated when software systems cannot "talk" to one another, especially when an owner or general contractor requires the use of his systems? New standards for open-source interoperability, the ability of data to be exchanged and interpreted by various software systems, could solve these problems, and AGC has renewed its agcXML initiative to develop and maintain those standards.
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For updated information on the agcXML initiative, visit the informative and user-friendly website, www.agcXML.org. The site provides a wealth of resources to interested parties, including articles, data on schemas, sponsorship information, and overall benefits.
Is there an article topic you'd like to see covered in TechBrief? Or, are you interested in providing content? TechBrief is currently working on its 2014 editorial calendar and seeks your input on informative and timely articles. Please contact Jeanie Clapp at jclapp@naylor.com with your feedback and ideas.
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Q: We currently use a fax machine that when busy rolls over to GFI fax software which then makes a PDF copy of the fax and stores it on a share drive and also prints it out on a printer. I’m trying to get away from this product all together and go with a stand-alone device that doesn’t require software on a server to process the PDF creation and printing. Does anyone have some competitive suggestions?
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