Tracking a Job's Progress with JobSight

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Capturing precision photos and data by a drone can improve productivity and safety and create a permanent record about the job’s progress. 

“It helps being able to track projects without being there,” says John Andres, with Andres Construction in Dallas, a member of multiple AGC chapters. 

Andres Construction uses JobSight from Hangar Technology in Austin on all of its projects on a regular schedule, weekly or monthly depending on the projects’ activities. Andres has been using Hangar JobSight for more than a year. Andres Construction also uses JobSight to fly over every concrete pour, to take photos of the rebar and sleeves. 

“It’s a great tool for something that we used to have to do ourselves or subcontract out with just a camera,” Andres says. “JobSight is able to do everything consistently and accurately captures the same data each time.”

In the past, Andres Construction might hire an aerial photographer to document progress. Now, with JobSight, the images are captured at the exact same locations every time. 

“You can click on the timeline and see the same view on a different date and see what changed,” Andres says. “The more capture you have, the more powerful it is.”

While it remains possible for the contractor to fly a project itself, Andres prefers to contract with JobSight, explaining that the construction firm is “risk adverse.”

“We try to mitigate as much risk as possible, and one of those is having someone with a drone pilot who flies every day; it is safer than putting a drone in a project manager’s hands,” Andres says. “Hangar has the professionals, and we leave it with the professionals.”

The system also allows for volume take offs or the amount of dirt removed from a hole or how much framing was done or roofing completed. 

“The insights we deliver are used to enhance safety, quality control and productivity for construction companies,” says Josh Meler, senior director of marketing at Hangar Technology. “JobSight opens up new avenues for visibility and accountability. JobSight allows users to easily inspect the work and track progress, which can save time. “

That in turn, can decrease equipment and labor costs. Contractors experience a return on investment in key areas like safety, quality, productivity, bill verification, dispute avoidance and claims resolution when using JobSight. 

“All pricing is subscription-based, and depends on factors like the size and length of the project, frequency requirements of data capture, and what party is performing the drone missions,” Meler says. “For the life of a project, you might see an average in the ballpark of $25k.” 

The only drawback that Andres could think of is the potential information overload. He currently reviews drone images from 17 projects. 

“Hangar goes above and beyond,” Andres says. “The guys do an incredible job, if they see something that looks unsafe, rather than letting it go, they will send me a personal email, raising something to my attention. In today’s day and age, that is incredible.”

Hangar Technology
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