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New Safety Apps for Construction

It seems like the app world changes on a monthly basis. Every week there is a new platform out there. Here are a few new safety apps that can help you better document your safety efforts on construction projects.

1. Safety Meeting App allows contractors to record and track OSHA required safety meetings, accidents, incidents, near-misses, employee attendance, and more.

  • Document incident, accidents, and near-misses;
  • Use on phone, tablet, and computer;
  • Meets OSHA’s required meeting laws;
  • 950+ pre-written safety toolbox topics;
  • Works with popular smartphones and all browsers;
  • Print PDF meeting/incident/near-miss reports;
  • Date stamps each safety meeting;
  • Use camera feature for extra proof of attendance;
  • Covers more than 35 industry trades;
  • Document disciplinary actions with signatures;
  • Document active/inactive employees;
  • Unlimited users & unlimited employees;
  • One app for the whole company.
2. SafeSite is a mobile platform that allows workers in high-risk environments, such as construction, to record, communicate and resolve safety issues on the go. Saving time and money, improving accountability, preventing injuries and saving lives.

  • Customizable inspection templates;
  • Hazard management;
  • Defect management;
  • Plant and equipment management;
  • Lost-time injury recording;
  • PDF exports;
  • Daily automated safety summaries;
  • Weekly automated safety reports;
  • SMS, email and in-app real-time notifications.
3. SafeWorkPro allows construction workers to manage their risk assessments and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) online without the hassle of paperwork. Available on any smartphone or tablet device, SafeWorkPro is a tool that workers can use anywhere, at anytime – including on the worksite.

  • Staff at the worksite complete risk assessment with their smartphones or tablet devices, and are given suggestions for job steps and general hazards;
  • SafeWorkPro can be accessed through any browser on any device;
  • To ensure workers in areas beyond reliable internet coverage also experience these benefits, SafeWorkPro can be accessed offline on any iOS or Android device;
  • Who is (and is not) filling out their risk assessments;
  • When the risk assessments are being completed;
  • Who is working on the highest risk activity right now;
  • How many risk assessments are being filled out over any time period.
4. Nimonik Audit is a tool for team audits, allowing everyone to synchronize, share beautiful reports and compare results in PDF, Word and Excel. Take your own environmental, health, safety and quality checklists or download 1000+ free inspection forms and 200+ OSHA, safety and environmental legal compliance audit protocols.

  • Issue corrective actions on the fly;
  • 1,000 free EHS audit templates and checklists;
  • Generate free beautiful reports in PDF, Word, Excel;
  • Keep your team synchronized across locations and devices;
For each audit item, you can: cite findings; issue corrective actions to your colleagues or clients; indicate conformance, warnings and set a score; capture and annotate photos; record audio interviews; and track change history to create an audit paper trail.

This article originally appeared at http://conappguru.com/apps/new-safety-apps/.

Rob McKinney is a construction technology blogger, consultant and founder of Construction App Guru: A website with a mission to educate the AEC Community about the uses for technology in construction. Please visit conappguru.com and sign up for his newsletters.

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