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June Update

The agcXML Advisory Board has been established to help guide the continued development of agcXML schema and technical standards. It is made up of five prominent software developers (see list below), four current/former IT directors from AGC member contracting companies, two members of  AGC’s IT Steering Committee  as well as AGC’s own CIO, Fara Francis, and two members of the PMO (Burger Consulting Group). This brings the Advisory Panel count to 14 people with technical and strength and dedication to the objectives.

This committee has already had its first ad hoc meeting to review an important question on partnering with the Open Applications Group, Inc. (OAGi) as a foundational standard. Additionally the first on-site meeting has been scheduled for July in Chicago where we anticipate much progress will be made. The agenda for the day-long meeting will be dense but BCG’s own project manager, Jason Rutkofsky, is up to the task of keeping the Advisory Board members on schedule. The goal for this meeting is to set the course for the next two to three years and address some more near-term tactical matters, including resolving the question of partnering with OAGi.

In an effort to develop supporting data for the various initiatives that will be taken up by the Advisory Board, BCG and AGC will be publishing a joint interoperability survey within a few weeks. The expectation is to keep the survey concise and focused on interoperability issues. The results of the survey will be shared with the Advisory Board to help support the prioritization of schema and the highlights will also be published in a future TechBrief article.

Stay tuned to TechBrief to learn more about progress on agcXML.  To follow real-time updates, join our LinkedIn Group, "agcXML for construction."

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