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For the 11th year in a row, AGC of America has been named as one of the nation’s top lobbying operations by Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill. The publication’s annual ranking of top lobbyists lists AGC CEO Steve Sandherr as a top lobbyist. Sandherr said the listing is a really an acknowledgement of the quality of the association’s government relations team, noting that the team secured $7.6 billion in federal highway funding that Congress had planned to cut, a disaster aid package with billions of dollars dedicated to rebuilding impacted communities, and regulatory reforms to lower the bureaucratic burden on the industry, among other accomplishments this year. You can read The Hill’s article and find the complete rankings here.
ClarkDietrich Building Systems
OSHA requires crane operators engaged in construction activity to be certified by an entity accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency. CIC no longer holds such accreditation. To avoid industry confusion and potential disruptions of construction projects, OSHA has issued an enforcement policy for crane operator certifications issued by CIC.
The policy explains that, although CIC-issued certifications are not compliant with OSHA’s operator certification requirement, OSHA does not intend to cite employers for operating equipment that violates that requirement if their operators, in good faith, obtained CIC-issued certifications prior to December 2, 2019, with the belief the certifications met the standard’s requirements. Until further notice, OSHA will not accept CIC certifications – including re-certifications – issued on or after December 2, 2019. For more information, please contact Kevin Cannon at (703)837-5410 or
The U. S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD) released a final rule updating the regulations governing regular rate requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for the first time in more than 50 years. Regular rate requirements define what forms of payment employers include and exclude in the "time and one-half" calculation when determining workers' overtime rates. The rule focuses primarily on clarifying whether certain kinds of perks, benefits, or other miscellaneous items must be included in the regular rate. Because these regulations have not been updated in decades, the Department’s intent is to better define the regular rate for today's workplace practices.
Cut Your Truck & Equipment Costs
GPS Insight
Without technology in place that helps monitor how your business spends money and areas to scale back spending, your operating costs are likely much higher than they should be. By using GPS tracking technology you can reduce your 3 highest costs- fuel, labor, and maintenance. We zero in on how three businesses managed to significantly reduce their costs, making their businesses much more successful.
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Industry continues to add workers faster and pay higher wages than overall economy as association officials call on Congress and the White House to pass the JOBS Act, boost funding for career training
Construction employment increased by 1,000 jobs in November and by 146,000, or 2.0 percent, over the past 12 months, according to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials said recent modest monthly increases in industry employment likely reflect the difficulty contractors are having in finding workers rather than a letup in demand. Officials urged federal officials to pass the JOBS Act and boost funding for career and technical education programs to help ease labor shortages.
Tensar TriAx Geogrid Unpave Haul Access Road Stabilization Soft Soils Stuck
Tensar International Corporation
Almost every contractor has faced this problem: you’re ready to go to work, but you can’t get onto the site because of poor site conditions or bad weather. Equipment and manpower downtime is costing you time and money while you wait for the site to dry. You can over-excavate and import fill, but that is expensive. What do you do? There’s a better answer: Tensar® TriAx® Geogrids.
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Though uncommon, fraud can be devastating when it occurs
When it comes to employee fraud, contractor Carol Duncan has seen some doozies in her career. Once during a peer review, Duncan discovered that the financial statements of the other construction firm were not being completed in a timely manner and "excuses were plentiful."
Now more than ever, workers on jobsites are enjoying greater comfort thanks to technological advances in workwear materials and employers who notice that the best gear for safety is not one-size-fits-all
Business Tips
Incentives are meant to motivate employees and encourage desired behavior. However, implementation is key, and sometimes even the most well-meaning programs struggle.
Harsh weather conditions can be a challenge for bridge construction and renovation projects, in more ways than one. Both concrete and steel bridges are susceptible to corrosion from water and waterborne contaminants, which can impact their service life. This means selecting the best waterproofing solution is crucial. However, knowing what to look out for when selecting a waterproofing system isn’t always easy.
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AGC Arkansas program helps to rebuild the state’s workforce
The gap is widening in skilled trade workers. More than 53 percent of skilled construction employees in the United States are 45+ years or older. Two million jobs are expected to be left unfilled by 2025 due to the growing skills gap and 86 percent of commercial builders are having trouble billing hourly and salaried positions.
Everything you need. Plus Equipment.
United Rentals
From safety/operator training and equipment management technologies, to custom solutions engineered to meet specialized job requirements, United Rentals offers much more than just the wor'ds largest rental fleet. It takes a lot to get the job done right. We're here to help. 800.UR.RENTS
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December 19, 2019
WebEd: Cybersecurity – New Mandatory Requirements for Defense Contractors
2 to 3 p.m.

January 20-24, 2020
AGC’s Project Manager Development Program 2nd Edition
San Antonio, Texas

 January 15-17, 2020
AGC Construction Safety & Health Conference
Austin, Texas
January 27-29, 2020
AGC’s 2020 Conference on Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management
Bonita Springs, Florida

January 19-24, 2020
Construction Project Manager Course
4 p.m. (Friday) to 2:30 p.m. (Thursday)
Atlanta, Georgia



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January 3, 2020
Student Veterans of America National Conference Employment Summit
1 - 4 p.m. PT
JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE

January 14, 2020
Hurlburt Field Career Summit + BALANCE Military Spouse Workshop
8 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET 

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