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The Golden Rule of Recruiting and the Red Carpet

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Which do you think is more critical to business success...great clients, or great employees? You may feel it’s impossible to value one more highly than the other. In fact, the symbiotic relationship between the two breeds success. Yet, if you compare how most companies handle a prospective candidate, during the interview process, to how they handle a prospective client, during the proposal process, you’ll find a big difference!

To illustrate, let’s say a prospective client visits your office to review your proposal. Most likely, you and your team will spend significant time and effort to provide "red carpet treatment." You’ll research the company beforehand. You’ll greet them promptly upon arrival, offer refreshments, and you’ll make sure you’re prepared to answer any questions they may have. You’ll pull together the right team members to meet them, and you’ll present your unique selling proposition, compared to your competitors. After the meeting, if your prospect has questions, you’ll respond promptly and follow up, until a decision is made.

On the other hand, prospective candidates rarely receive this type of courtesy, and are sometimes treated rather poorly.   Recently, during a safety director search for a large, specialty contractor, three of our candidates, reported they waited over 30 minutes for the hiring manager to greet them, and this manager hadn’t even reviewed their resumes beforehand. All three candidates removed themselves from consideration.

This hiring manager was clearly inconsiderate, but he also had an underlying attitude that the candidate must do all the selling. (Note: Recently, they’ve begun to lose candidates to competitors) This outdated attitude toward hiring is no longer effective in today’s world. And while successful hiring requires a high degree of scrutiny and due diligence, top candidates need to be sold on your company, before they’ll continue in the interview process.  

In construction, today, talent competition is fierce, and candidates hold prospective employers to a higher standard. By treating candidates with the respect and courtesy you give to prospective clients, you’ll have more successful hires, and you’ll build a positive employer brand as candidates spread the word to others by word of mouth and social media!

Kathy Cole has helped construction companies match extraordinary job opportunities to exceptional talent for more than 20 years. She founded DK Cole Executive Search, a Builders Association member, in 2006. She is past president of the Chicago Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association.


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