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AGC of Colorado and Colorado Contractors Association Launch

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Last week, the Associated General Contractors of Colorado and the Colorado Contractors Association joined Gov. John Hickenlooper to launch, a web-based application that helps Coloradans access careers in the construction industry.  The tool was created in response to a rapid rise in the number of jobs available in the industry, contrasted with a shortage of laborers and skilled trades.  According to the US Department of Labor, between July of 2013 and July of 2014, Colorado gained 7,700 construction jobs, the 9th highest rate of increase (6 percent) in the US.

"We’re glad to see the Colorado economy back on track and excited at the growth in the construction industry," said Hickenlooper.  "Now we just need to make sure we match Coloradans with these great paying jobs."

A survey conducted earlier this year by AGC of America found that many companies were having difficulty finding enough skilled labor to meet demand.  In addition, most companies believe that the challenge of finding qualified labor will only get harder.  Ninety-three percent of those surveyed said in the next 12 months it would remain as hard or become harder to find "qualified construction professionals."  The list of needed "key craftworker positions" is long and includes drywall installers, equipment operators, cement masons, carpenters, pipefitters/welders, and laborers.

"We know that Colorado is filled with talented people who want to have fulfilling careers, and the construction industry is ripe with opportunity," said Michael Gifford, president and CEO of AGC/C. "This tool will play an important role in creating lasting careers for Colorado residents and build on our strategy to improve the construction industry in our state." includes information about apprenticeships, job postings, resources for parents and educators, and more. The site was developed in cooperation between AGC of America, AGC/C, and CCA. For those considering a career in construction, the site provides detailed profiles, including salary information, about various trade positions such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers and more.

The job listings will be managed by AGC/C and CCA, which will facilitate job announcements, but will not engage in the hiring process.  Prospective employers will submit job postings to AGC/C and CCA, who will work together to review and verify the positions before posting.  The postings will consist of jobs that are available now. Registrants of the site will also be able to find training opportunities such as apprenticeships.  The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment will partner with AGC/C and CCA by offering job opportunities to Colorado residents at their 20 workforce centers and online at

"Apprenticeships are a great opportunity, because the employees work a full-time schedule during the day and go to school one night a week.  It’s a great way to earn while you learn," stated Richard Ledezma, Jalisco International, Inc. and a CCA member firm participating in

In an effort to increase diversity and opportunity, advocates hope to reach groups who have traditionally struggled to find careers in construction.  Resources have been dedicated to reaching veterans and disabled residents, and workers with no previous experience.  Apprenticeships allow an individual get hired, work a 40-hour week, and go to school at night.  The best way to start is to review the jobs posted at; look for openings where no previous experience is required, or to contact one of the apprenticeship programs listed on  Companies are now hiring individuals with no previous experience at $15-17 an hour. is a part of a national plan created by AGC of America to increase the skilled workforce. The plan, "Preparing the Next Generation of Skilled Construction Workers: A Workforce Development Plan for the 21st Century" calls for:
  • Reform and Reinvigorate the Perkins Act 
  • Encourage Private Funding for Craft Training Programs 
  • Make it Easier for Veterans to Get Training and to be Hired 
  • Encourage Partnerships Between Registered Apprenticeship Programs and Community Colleges 
  • Expand Federal Apprenticeship Resources and Collect More Comprehensive Data on All Apprenticeship Programs 
  • Enact Immigration Reform 
  • Offer Community College Career and Technical Programs to High School Students for Free 
  • Make It Easier to Establish Public Schools Focused on Career and Technical Education
"This is the fulfillment of our promise to get the word out about the construction jobs that are available in Colorado," said Tony Milo, executive director of CCA. "We’re not stopping here and will continue to work with the administration and legislature to find policy solutions that address employment issues in the industry." 

About AGC of Colorado
The AGC/C is Colorado’s leading professional association for the state’s commercial building industry, representing 415 firms. The membership of AGC/C is comprised of general contractors (both union and non-union shops, public and privately owned; and, from very large to very small), suppliers and professional service providers.

About CCA  
CCA was founded 81 years ago to represent the collective concerns of the state’s heavy / highway and utility industry. Today CCA represents the contractors who perform the vast majority of all public works projects in the state. CCA members are privately-owned contracting companies of all sizes, from all corners of the state of Colorado.

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