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More than 40 construction companies and trade associations have joined together to inspire the construction industry to be leaders in safety. The group established an annual Safety Week which began in 2014 to heighten safety awareness throughout the industry. Its purpose is to thank workers for working safely, increase their awareness of applicable safety topics and hazards, inspire them to work safely, educate them about safe work practices and celebrate their good health and well-being.

Each day during Safety Week, an occupational safety topic will be emphasized. Participants can highlight the topics within their companies any way they choose. The suggested topics for 2015 are:
May 4 - Fall Protection
May 5 - Soft Tissue Incidents
May 6 - Health and Wellness
May 7 - Hand Protection or Head and Eye Protection
May 8 - Celebrate and Recognize Positive Safety Accomplishments.
OSHA and its industry partners hope to reach workers and employers from many industries during the 2015 National Safety Stand-Down to prevent falls. From May 4-15, participants are asked to pause their workday and participate in safety training in fall prevention. Last year more than 1 million employers and workers across the country joined the effort, making it the largest occupational safety event ever hosted in the United States.

In preparation for this year's stand-down events, employers and workers are encouraged to visit the 2015 Stand-Down page where they can find free fall prevention training materials in both English and Spanish, including the new 2015 Stand-Down poster, a list of local events, and also receive a certificate of participation signed by Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez.
AGC-Willis Construction Industry Safety Program
Thursday, March 19, 2015
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Rooms 101 A&B
Puerto Rico Convention Center

The Willis-AGC Construction Safety Program is designed to challenge contractors to master core safety principles and practices that will lead to company-wide excellence in safety and occupational health management and risk control. 

This intensive program will assist contractors in developing actionable strategies and recommendations for solving the safety and health challenges facing today's construction professionals, plus participants will gain new insight into the trends and issues that will impact safety and health management in the future. 

The Construction Safety Program will draw on significant input from attendees via interaction with the presenters (construction safety experts, fellow contractors and risk management professionals), providing participants with a unique bridge between principle and real-world practice. 

1:00 to 2:30 PM – Zero Injury: It is a Continuous Journey 
This dynamic, interactive workshop will feature panelists to discuss the challenges the construction industry continues to face in its implementation of the Zero Injury philosophy and provide insights into how they are proactively working within their own companies and the greater community to drive that change. Participants will also have the opportunity to understand where their organization is in the zero injury development cycle and will learn strategies other contractors are using to improve safety and enhance the zero injury culture in their own organization. 

3:00 to 4:00 PM - Under the Microscope: What Makes a Good Safety Program Great? 
With more than six years of experience judging leading contractors on the quality of their safety programs, a panel of Willis-AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award Judges will breakdown the critical areas of a comprehensive safety management program and highlight practices and procedures contractors can start implementing tomorrow to increase management commitment, employee involvement, and safety innovation. 
April 1, 2015 or April 2, 2015 
Associated Contractors of New Mexico
6135 Edith Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 87125
Construction workers make up approximately 4 percent of the country's workforce but account for an average of 17 percent of all job-related fatalities each year. And, according to a November 2013 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2003-2010, 962 highway construction workers were killed at road construction sites with 87 percent of the deaths being workers who were working onsite at the time of the incident. AGC of America, supported by a Susan Harwood Federal Grant, is pleased to offer Highway Work Zone Safety Training, a one-day program based on OSHA standards and best practices to answer the need for qualified training within the industry. 

Advanced Safety Management Training Course
April 22-24, 2015
Arlington, Virginia
This unique three-day course provides construction safety and health professionals with the next-level knowledge required to successfully manage a company-wide safety program. Moving beyond the basics of Focus Four training, AGC's Advanced Safety Management Training Program will give participants a more holistic view of safety's role in project and company success, as well as advanced tactics and best practices for managing all aspects of a corporate safety program.

AGC Safety and Health Committee Conference 
July 8-10, 2015 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Construction safety and health is vital for the success of the industry. Join more than 150 industry professionals and participate in the development of regulatory and legislative activity on both a national and local level, assist in the development and creation of new safety training programs and products and hear the latest initiatives from OSHA and other industry experts.
  • Get the latest updates on congressional activity which directly affects construction safety and health.
  • Hear from key OSHA representatives on the latest updates to regulations and OSHA activities.
  • Participate on Subcommittee and Taskforce meetings - Government, Education and Performance.
  • Take an active role in improving safety and health in the construction industry.
The AGC Safety & Health Committee Meeting is open to both interested AGC members and non-members.
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