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December 19, 2023
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The office will re-open Wednesday, January 3, 2024.
Lori started working at NAWIC National in January 2016 and started off as an administrative assistant before being promoted to membership manager in 2018. In her day to day, she is usually on phone calls or emailing any members who have questions or need any help regarding their membership. She is responsible for enrolling new members, renewing and transferring memberships, and all online approvals. Her favorite part about working for NAWIC is the amazing relationships that she has built with awesome women that she has grown to love.
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How construction VP steamlined manual expense tracking
K-Dimensional Holdings Inc. / CoastPay®
KD Construction has been able to eliminate time-consuming EOM reconciliations and automate coding of employee fuel and vehicle expenses against jobs with Coast's smart Visa fuel cards.

Executive VP Sania Khan Salas explains,"we’ve been able to save a lot of time for work that was very manual."

Watch this quick 2-minute video to hear how switching to Coast has made life easier for the team KD Construction.
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I suspect we have all started a sentence that way. I know that I have. I’m also not asking you to admit that to anyone but yourself. Positive psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar coined the term arrival fallacy. According to Ben-Shahar, “Arrival fallacy is this illusion that once we make it, once we attain our goal or reach our destination, we will reach lasting happiness.” If you think about your own career or perhaps someone you work with, have you noticed a time when all the hard work and long hours expended to reach a particular goal had little impact on the long-term demeanor?
NEF is solely supported by sponsorships and donations and its Ladder Club of Success offers individuals the opportunity to support NEF with one-time or reoccurring automatic donations. Your financial support educates others through various programs and construction industry education courses. Fundraising is also done by NEF Fundraising Liaisons at a Regional and Chapter level.
Join the National Tradeswomen Committee on January 4th for an informative session about the latest safety and OSHA updates that directly impact working women. Guest presenters National OSHA Alliance Chair, Marjorie Del Toro and Kathi Dobson.
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From established technology, such as drones and laser scanning, to emerging Research & Development like autonomous layout and asset tracking, Val Lang and Harrison Haigler of Brasfield & Gorrie explore integration with BIM, underscoring the Virtual Design and Construction group's growth and critical role in advancing accuracy, efficiency, and project visualization in modern construction practices.
Feeling like you’re ready to take your career to the next level? The NAWIC Leadership Academy is here to make sure you do just that. Unleash your hidden potential, hone your skills, and watch your career take off. 
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NAWIC Benefits Spotlight
The SRC Summit has extended a special invitation to NAWIC members. We wanted to send you an invite to this annual conference started back in 2013 by April Hall.  Her goal has been to bring more women in the roofing & construction industry together for learning, networking and to support one another. 
Investing in the right HR technology solutions can automate the most time-consuming tasks. Because tasks are automated, there is little to no room for human error, the work is not only faster but more accurate.  
The construction industry has historically been male-dominated, with women constituting less than 10% of the workforce. However, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a transformative shift that is bridging the gender gap and providing a more inclusive and progressive future for women in construction.


(From Construction Today)
The team of academic and government scientists will test the use of molten sulfur and lunar dust to create waterless concrete for 3D printing on the moon.

(From Construction Dive)
Balfour Beatty broke ground last month on Universal Kids Resort, which includes a 300-room hotel, rides and shops.

(From Construction Dive)
Mr. Parker commenced the forum by extending congratulations to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) for advancing from an Alliance relationship to the esteemed status of Ambassador.
Caterpillar, Inc.