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September 12, 2023
Association News
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Zoom meetings will be held on the FIRST THURSDAY of the month​ and members can register via the NAWIC National website. Once per quarter these meetings will be open to the public (all others are members only).​ If you have questions, email Chair, Erica Braxton or Co-chair, Allison "Ally" Jenscon
This event will feature amazing guest speakers, installation demos, giveaways, plus topics and insights specific to women in the Construction Industry. Tague Lumber is hoping to reach women interested in the construction-related trades, building, architecture, civil engineering, project management, CAD/CAM, CNC, woodworking, all aspects of design, and all areas of trade-related support services. (PLUS teachers, mentors, trainers, etc.). 
Join the electrical and systems contracting industry October 16-18 in the dynamic city of Dallas, Texas, to embark on an unparalleled journey of growth and empowerment. Use the promo code "NAWIC15" for 15% off full registration.
NAWIC is excited to announce its new book donation program in collaboration with MiTek and The House That She Built! Chapters are now able to order copies of The House That She Built to give away at educational programs for students free of charge (Just cover shipping!). The House that She Built was inspired by the team of real women who came together from around the country to build a one-of-a-kind home. It aims to educate young readers about all the people and skills that go into building a home.

Chapters must meet certain criteria and pay for shipping. Please contact with questions.
A BIG thank you to Crowley House Flower Farm for the beautiful arrangement of flowers that added such a special touch to this year's Annual Conference! 
Commerce Bank
Education / Training

I visited the Great Wall of China. The feeling of awe is hard to escape. I marveled at what had been built and the thought that went into the design and implementation. The wall was built as protection from invading forces. To further repel or slow down an army if they breached the wall, the steps are not uniform in height and would naturally slow down anyone unfamiliar. The wall, at least large portions, is well-preserved and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

I came across an article reporting that a construction crew used an excavator to remove part of the wall to create a shortcut to reduce the time to get to their project site.  From the outside, of course that should not happen. How could they think it was permissible to damage the wall in the name of saving a little time? After shaking my head in astonishment, I realized we routinely take shortcuts. We have become conditioned to do things as fast as we possibly can. How often do those shortcuts pay off? I suspect less often than we might expect.

Join Ally Jencson and Jessica Jacobsen on Tuesday, Sept. 12 as they offer insight to recruiting and retaning a sustainable workforce. 
NAWIC OSHA Alliance and OSHA would like to inform you that OSHA Region 2 will host a "Lunch and Learn" webinar on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 12 p.m. ET. This webinar aims to support OSHA's outreach initiatives by raising awareness about suicide prevention during National Suicide Prevention Month. The event will feature Mr. Tim Irving, Deputy Director of OSHA's Directorate of Construction, and speakers from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention New Jersey Chapter, and the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. 
The integral year of the Lean In Circles Powered by Procore was a success! To learn more about how the Circles helped members, read the below blog written by Procore.

As mentioned in the blog, the 1st year curriculum listed below will be posted on the National website in the next month or so for Chapters and Regions to utilize. If you need a topic before they are posted on the National website, contact Anne Pfleger ( or Savannah Nusser (
NAWIC Benefits Spotlight
Using ExakTime’s time tracking app along with Arcoro’s applicant tracking, onboarding, and Core HR, NAWIC members have seen significant results, including: 

1. Moved from paper time tracking to digital, saving hours of time  

2. Expanded job postings, reaching a more diverse talent pool  

3. Candidate information flows directly into onboarding, eliminating data entry time  

4. New employees fill out their own onboarding paperwork without sitting in the office 

How 92-Vehicle HVAC fleet is streamlining operations with a smarter fuel card
K-Dimensional Holdings Inc. / CoastPay®
Texas-based Gillette Air Conditioning struggled with inefficiencies caused by an old station-specific fuel card that was hard to manage and use. Switching to Coast fuel cards allowed them to streamline fleet ops and improve card security across a fleet of 90+ vehicles. Watch to find out how.

Industry Update
The proposal would allow union officials or other employee advocates to join in jobsite safety inspections.

(From Construction Dive)
In many industries, job openings and worker quit rates dropped last month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For construction, the labor pool is still too shallow.

(From Construction Dive)
Construction Dive rounds up the newest jobs won by some of the country’s biggest builders.
 (From Construction Dive)
Caterpillar, Inc.