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August 29, 2023
Association News
Join the NAWIC Leadership Academy to become the leader you are meant to be. After more than 70 years of elevating women in the construction industry, we know what it takes to help women succeed. 
NAWIC recognizes the barriers you face. The NAWIC Leadership Academy is designed to help you embrace your unique leadership style, get the recognition you deserve, and break past those barriers to take on the leadership roles you are made for.
Please use these links to download your headshot or check all the pictures from an amazing Annual Conference! General AC pictures and attendee headshots.
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Education / Training
For some, summer ends as kids head back to school.  For others, Labor Day marks the transition from summer back to renewed work efforts.   Some work consistently through the summer.  Our industry typically sees the summer as the period of greatest activity.  I was energized returning from the NAWIC Conference and enjoyed seeing the social media posts.  This is an important transition period for NAWIC.  National, regional, and chapter board members are being installed.  Fresh perspectives are being brought to the table.  I have full confidence that the idea of continuous improvement will be embraced. 

Can you personally adopt some of the same ideas?  Have you considered building your own personal Board of Directors?  You may think that you don’t need a BOD or can’t fully recognize the benefits.  Companies have a BOD to bring in outside perspectives, identify blind spots, and provide accountability.  All valuable elements of a personal Board of Directors.
The integral year of the Lean In Circles Powered by Procore was a success! To learn more about how the Circles helped members, read the below blog written by Procore.

As mentioned in the blog, the 1st year curriculum listed below will be posted on the National website in the next month or so for Chapters and Regions to utilize. If you need a topic before they are posted on the National website, contact Anne Pfleger ( or Savannah Nusser (
Join Ally Jencson and Jessica Jacobsen on Tuesday, Sept. 12 as they offer insight to recruiting and retaning a sustainable workforce. 
How 92-Vehicle HVAC fleet is streamlining operations with a smarter fuel card
K-Dimensional Holdings Inc. / CoastPay®
Texas-based Gillette Air Conditioning struggled with inefficiencies caused by an old station-specific fuel card that was hard to manage and use. Switching to Coast fuel cards allowed them to streamline fleet ops and improve card security across a fleet of 90+ vehicles. Watch to find out how.

Industry Update
Work characteristics such as injuries and lack of paid sick leave directly impact substance abuse disorders, per a new CDC report, and deaths rose during the pandemic.

(From Construction Dive)
Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge in Seattle and the Route I‐678 span over Flushing Bay Promenade in New York City were newly downgraded.

(From Construction Dive)
As the industry ramps up outreach, the number of computer and data science majors applying to construction jobs has doubled, according to a new report.
 (From Construction Dive)
Caterpillar, Inc.