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January 11, 2022
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Leadership Change forms must be completed and turned in to the National office every time there is a change in your chapter's leadership. If they are not completed, National is unable to communicate with the correct chapter officers, which hinders effective communication with the entire chapter. 

Email to make leadership changes or to find out more information. 

Please ensure that your chapter has filed its E990 forms by Feb. 15, 2022. This is mandatory for each chapter. Email for more information or if you have questions. 

Motus, LLC
Education / Training

As legend has it, early in Bill Russell’s career, he was getting pushed around the court. Red Auerbach called a time out and told him to go back in and “throw an elbow” at the offending player. Russell resisted and after the second time giving the direction, Auerbach said “you only have to do it once.” His point was that he had to demonstrate that he would stand up for himself and that he was willing to go to that measure to do so. Is the story true? I can’t confirm it, but I will give the benefit of the doubt. Auerbach and Russell delivered 11 championships in 13 years for the Boston Celtics, which is painful for me as a New York Knicks fan. 

This story came back to me in a conversation from a new, younger team member who was being pushed around professionally. Her officemate felt that her tenure with the organization, her age, and her relationship with their supervisor entitled her to act in a domineering manner. The young woman was at a loss for how to deal with the situation and then I remembered that, sometimes, sharp elbows can be a valuable tool in your toolbox. Proverbial sharp elbows, of course. So when might you want to bring out those elbows?

NAWIC Benefits Spotlight

National Association of Women in Construction has partnered with Lorman Education Services to offer continuing education in the construction industry.

Members receive a 15% discount on all orders. You may register online or call Lorman at 866-352-9539. Please use Priority Code 16093 and Discount Code R5878094 when registering.

Your whole organization benefits from visibility into your workforce planning
A better understanding of your team’s capacity can certainly help inform project bidding and eliminate the idle time between projects, but it requires that everyone has the information they need to make the best decisions for your people. Find out what the biggest workforce visibility challenges are facing general contractors and why everyone benefits from increased visibility into the workforce planning.
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Industry Update
As federal infrastructure spending increases demand, contractors will still have to wade through confusing and ever-changing vaccine mandates.
Priced in the billions, these high-profile, high-impact jobs are expected to hit major milestones in the next year and beyond.
In what the company says is an industry first, East Coast-based LeChase Construction has opened a training center to teach its workers how to contain dust, contaminants and noise during construction projects in hospitals, research facilities and other critical settings.
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