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September 14, 2021
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Education / Training
Is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion focus really needed in the construction industry? Yes, it is and we have a wonderful member making the case on our behalf. Kathleen Dobson, Safety Director for Alberici and NAWIC member in the Detroit Chapter, has taken the torch and composed an article for Construction Tech Review. In this article, Dobson brings to light that despite the changes in society and this industry, it has mostly remained unchanged. The construction industry has held onto biases and prejudices that not only hurt the individual but the whole workforce. By marginalizing women and people of different ethnicities, collaboration, experiences and insight that could improve the process is lost.
NAWIC Benefits Spotlight
Over the last 18 months, we have heard a lot about front line or essential workers and the challenges they have faced in dealing with pandemic impacts from burnout and exhaustion to medical exposure and health risks.  Too often, those workers were considered the doctors, nurses, hospital workers, bus drivers, and supermarket employees.  After a short pause to consider safe approaches to maintain projects, construction resumed and has not stopped.  I wish I could explain why construction workers were not cast in the same light.  Perhaps because they are not public facing.  Maybe the stereotype of being strong and stoic worked against them and their risks.  After all, they are not office workers, did not have remote work opportunities, and work in an industry that is already regulated to promote physical safety. 
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A better understanding of your team’s capacity can certainly help inform project bidding and eliminate the idle time between projects, but it requires that everyone has the information they need to make the best decisions for your people. Find out what the biggest workforce visibility challenges are facing general contractors and why everyone benefits from increased visibility into the workforce planning.
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Industry Update
There have been persistent contradictions between states' COVID-19 metrics and the experiences reported by contractors on jobsites.
Kelley Cowan, director of XL Construction's Sacramento Region office, talks about the plentiful job opportunities in construction.
Building a pro sports venue comes with more risks, more money on the line and stricter deadlines than most other projects. Nevertheless, it's a rewarding experience, experts told Construction Dive.
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