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February 24, 2021
Association News
WIC Week 2021 is almost here! Make sure you follow NAWIC on social media to keep up with all of our upcoming events. You can also look to your chapter and regional pages to find local events. We can't wait to celebrate you, the women in construction, March 7-13!
Although there has been a massive push to bring more women into the construction industry, women in construction currently only make up roughly 10% of the workforce. Many of these roles are managerial, with very few women working onsite or in the trades. In fact, only half of the 40 trades listed under construction categories currently have enough women employed to even register a meaningful percentage within official records.

Several factors have influenced these statistics over the years, but one way to grow these numbers is to provide more educational resources for the current and future generations of women in construction. From universities with construction and engineering focuses, to initiatives that push for providing women and young girls with opportunities to succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields, there has never been a better time for women to join the construction industry.
Education / Training
Please join us for a live webinar from Jordan Smith, the co-founder of MT Copeland. He will cover the principles behind soundproofing and the proper installation methods to actually achieve the results you want in your next build.
Hear from key leaders in the industry as they share insights into policy reforms and projects shaping the region. Attract stronger talent through inclusion initiatives and generate innovative project pipelines.
NAWIC Benefits Spotlight
Easybook Training provides numerous online construction and safety courses. Members are able to access videos on topics such as forklift operator training, oil and gas training courses and first aid/CPR training. 
Empowering Women in Construction: Health & Professional Success
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Life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. As a virtual/ online coach who has worked in the construction industry herself for over two decades, I advocate that health equals success - both personal and professional.
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Industry Update
Nearly 30% of the proposed bills are for one-time funding. Bond issues for state department of transportation funding have become an increasing source of revenue for highway projects, as toll fees accounted for less of the funding pie since 2000, according to the BATIC Institute. 
An increase in the federal minimum wage would mean that construction employers in some states would have to pay more for some types of labor.
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