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February 9, 2021

NAWIC, the leading professional association for women in the construction industry, is excited to announce the charter of our newest chapter.
The Buffalo Niagara chapter was officially chartered in Buffalo, New York on Jan. 28. It is NAWIC’s 388th chapter.
“One of the things that sets NAWIC apart from other associations is that we are such a diverse group of women who believe in the mission of strengthening and amplifying the success of ALL women in the construction industry,” said NAWIC National President Anne Pfleger. “The chartering of the Buffalo Niagara chapter brings new members to the Association with knowledge, fresh perspective, strategic thinking, and diverse experiences that will further “Connect-Collaborate-Construct” NAWIC and its members for the betterment our industry’s future.”
“I am endlessly impressed with the board we have built already and the membership that is already over 35 women strong. I hope to successfully share how strong this organization is and bring together women in this industry that might not have otherwise been able to collaborate,” said Jillian Penkin, chapter president. “I just know that this chapter will thrive because the members we have already gained are brilliant, connected, community-based leaders and I could not be more humbled to be a part of this momentous occasion.”
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Education / Training
The New York Festival of Construction Online is the largest virtual/online and free event covering all the latest projects and opportunities for the construction and design industry in New York and the Tri-State area.
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NAWIC Benefits Spotlight
 Are you interested in an easy way to give back, by providing career exposure to the next generation of learners? Nepris is a cloud-based platform that connects industry professionals with K-12 classrooms, so that students can see the relevance of what they are learning in school and spark their interest in potential career pathways. Engage the future workforce, right from your location!  
Industry Update
Reintroduced in Congress last week, the bill designed to strengthen unions has major implications for construction firms and the workers they employ.
Fortune magazine recently published its 2021 list of the world's most-admired companies, and AECOM leads the construction and engineering category...
As new construction projects are expected to stabilize and return to low growth in 2021, and new construction industry jobs are expected to balloon by almost 2 million in 2022, companies are looking to recruit more women than ever before to bring their skill sets into the field.
The affordable housing crisis in the United States continues to be a problem and it is only getting worse. And in places like San Francisco, where construction costs are some of the highest in the world, overcoming the housing shortage seems impossible. However, one solution that is gaining traction is factory-built apartments. Factory OS, which is backed by Google and Facebook, is building modular apartments faster and cheaper than traditional construction.
 Learn the latest COVID-19 mandates and guidelines here. 
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