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August 27, 2020
Association News

YOU, our NAWIC Members, are and always will be the Association’s top priority. NAWIC wants to ensure that YOU stay connected and supported through this difficult time we are facing in 2020. Continuing to maintain your NAWIC connections and support systems within your own chapters, regions and nationally is an important part of building strong relationships both professionally and personally. Therefore, we are automatically extending all memberships through Dec. 31, 2020. Each member’s type and good standing status as of Sept. 30, 2020 will continue through this extension.

Extending your NAWIC membership provides additional time and opportunity for members, whether affected by the COVID-19 pandemic or not, to utilize the resources provided by NAWIC. You will continue to maintain your access to the Career Center and webinars, as well as professional development and networking opportunities to name just a few of your membership benefits. Please note that this extension will not waive, reduce, or eliminate any part of the membership dues for the 2020-21 NAWIC year.

In addition to the extension, a two-payment option will be available for members to choose when renewing their memberships. Our goal is to have the payment plan option available by Nov. 1, 2020. Watch for more announcements in the coming months!

The National Board would like to personally thank the 1,000+ members who completed the COVID-19 survey conducted in August. If you missed the opportunity to complete the survey, please send any comments or suggestions you have to your Region Director or We sincerely appreciated all the comments and suggestions that were received as part of the survey initiative.

Together, we can overcome this turbulent year and forge stronger relationships in the process. Stay safe and healthy!

NAWIC would like to issue our sincerest apologies for our failure to include the incoming 2020-21 National Committee Chairs in the 65th Annual Conference Installation Ceremony. 

Our National Committee Chairs are a hugely important and integral part of the association, and we could not achieve the work we do without their hard work and dedication to their respective committees. That said, President Pfleger would like to introduce to the membership our 2020-21 National Committee Chairs

Membership Chair: Andrea Ward, CBT - Nashville, Tennessee

Professional Development and Education (PD&E) Chair: Kizzy Ferrer, CIT - Gr. Orlando, Florida

Emerging Professionals Chair: Ashley Farmer - Boise, Idaho

Marketing Chair: Tara Labosky, AIA, CCCA, LEED AP - Baltimore, Maryland

NAWIC-OSHA Alliance Chair: Karen Mitchell, CBT, CIT, CIS - Pikes Peak, Colorado

Safety & Health Chair: Adair Stevenson, PG, ACI, ICC, SCDOT - Columbia, South Carolina

Stragic Plan Chair: Vickie Nickel, CIT - Gr. Kansas City, Missouri

Women in Construction (WIC) Week Chair: Toni Osberry - Austin, Texas

Bylaws and Governance Committees Chair: Robin Fulton-Meyer, CBT, CIT - Member-at-Large

Chapter Development Chair: Dena Rowland - Fort Worth, Texas

We wish you all a successful year, and we know you will accomplish great things!

Come one, come all to the NAWIC Virtual Town Hall!

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 6 p.m. CST

This town hall will be your opportunity to:

  • Meet and hear from new NAWIC President, Anne Pfleger, CIT and the 2020-21 NAWIC Board of Directors.
  • Hear about bylaw changes
  • Hear and get more information about the Member Announcement: COVID-19 Hardship
  • Have an open forum to discuss questions and concerns 

This will be the first of many town halls to come, and we look forward to gathering with our members for connection, collaboration, and contruction of an amazing year ahead! Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more details.

Have you ever felt stuck? You know you can have more out of life but just don’t know the next steps to take. It could be related to your work or personal life.

It happens to all of us. We get stuck in little ways and big ways. The reasons we’re stuck are important, and the solutions come from unexpected places. This book study will help each person recognize why they got stuck in the first place and what steps will help them move forward.

Join the NAWIC book club to discuss general principles as you work through your own area of stuckness. The author, Catherine A. Brennan, will join each week with a short video or live presentation. We all get better as we learn from one another.

Catherine A. Brennan is a business owner, author, public speaker, blogger, community activist, athlete, mother, grandmother, and most importantly, a depression survivor.

She has lived in Mankato, MN since 1994 where she has run a construction and development company with her husband, Mike. Cathy is a public speaker on the topic of wellness and wrote a book titled So Now What? A Guide for People Who Feel Stuck.

In her 50s, Cathy, found her ‘inner runner’ and has run the Boston Marathon three times. She has also run the New York City Marathon and participated in numerous triathlons. She is an avid swimmer, biker, golfer, and loves to read. She and her husband have two married sons and one grandson.

Join Catherine for a FaceBook Live event on September 15th, 5:30 CT.  She will talk about the journey she took to write So Now What? and answer questions.  This will be a great lead-in to our discussions.  Watch for the details.

Live Monthly Discussion Groups:     1st Thursday, 4:30 CT
    2nd Tuesday, 11:30 CT

 Facebook Group:  Discussions posted weekly

If you would like to join an existing group or start a new group, contact Lori Donnell at


PeopleKeep, Inc.
Northern Michigan University
Education / Training

In September 2019, the board approved for NAWIC members to participate in an industry-wide study measuring progress for women over the last 15 years, capturing critical industry-wide data, and benchmarking diversity in commercial real estate. The purpose of this study is to:

  • guide women and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) striving to advance their careers in the industry;
  • inform companies and managers about the values and priorities of their employees; and
  • enhance the research and data for organizations that desire greater DEI.

The goal is for every commercial real estate company leader to access this study so they have the data and insights to take action to advance DEI in their company and in the industry.

Join the webinar on Sept. 2, from 11 a.m. - Noon CST, to gain insight on:

  • Industry compensation trends and the gender gap
  • Compensation and diversity statistics by industry sector and specialization
  • The career trajectory, satisfaction and aspiration of CRE professionals
  • Success factors and barriers for CRE professionals
  • The state of diversity and workplace culture in the industry
  • Country-specific data for Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Action items for the industry and company leaders to increase DEI

Registration is complimentary and open to all industry professionals.


Join Kamael Ann Sugrim, COO of People First and Jennifer Sproul, LEED AP, Immediate Past Northeast Region Director of NAWIC as they share how employees and business owners can work together to end discrimination and harassment in the construction industry.

Wednesday, Sept. 2

2 - 3 p.m. EST

Register Now!

NAWIC Benefits Spotlight

If you attended the 65th Annual Conference, you know that NAWIC has partnered with Juno Shoes, and they are very generously offering a 25% discount to NAWIC members through the end of September. Just go to and use code NAWIC25 at checkout!. 

Juno Jones Shoes has a few things other than gear that we think will be of particular interest to our members! A partnership between Juno Jones and Jacket Media Co., the Hazard Girls (Women in Nontraditional Industries) Podcast explores a different field each week through candid interviews with women leaders about their professional journeys. Juno Jones founder Emily Soloby is the host. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Megaphone, or click here.

There is also a Hazard Girls Facebook community powered by Juno Jones! Members include women at every stage of their careers from CEOs to students. The community features online discussions about issues that come up in the workplace, society at large, and with families. When members aren’t hanging out online, they are meeting up in person thorough educational events and outreach. Be sure to join the group if the below sounds up your alley:

  • Positive and inclusive group of women. 
  • In any nontraditional or hazardous industries, or just love Juno Jones! 
  • Members range from CEOs to students.
  • Thriving mentorship program.
  • Lively discussions and collaborations. 
  • In-person events.

Keep an eye on social media to stay up to date on NAWIC/Juno collaborations, promotions and news!

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Industry Update
While financing is available for the right projects, owners and developers aren't so eager to take a risk on ground-up construction during the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: ConstructionDive
Contractors accept risk whenever they take on a construction project, and that's especially true in light of COVID-19 challenges. However, there are ways contractors can mitigate risk before they have even won the job, and that entails avoiding errors when submitting a bid. Here are seven of the most common:

Source: ConstructionDive
In a Construction Dive survey, 65% of respondents said they had witnessed a racist incident on a jobsite, from outward symbols like nooses to more subtle discrimination such as failing to share knowledge or opportunities.

Source: ConstructionDive
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