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May 12, 2020
Association News

Our annual elections are nearing, so we wanted to share a few reminders about how the elections work, important dates, general guidelines, and what to expect.

For more information on the candidates, be sure to attend the Virtual Town Hall tonight! For more election and candidate details, visit the NAWIC website.


Who Votes:
Members classified as “Active,” “Corporate” and “Member-at-Large” are eligible to vote for NAWIC National Officers by ballot. The NAWIC Office will produce the ballots. Ballots will be sent by May 15 to all voting members based on the NAWIC Office’s record of paid and processed members as of May 1. Ballot information will be emailed to all voting members. Those who do not have email will receive a paper ballot. Voting Instructions: All ballots must be returned to the address on the return envelope provided by May 31 to be counted. Each ballot returned will count as one vote. All instructions on the ballot must be followed in order for a vote to count.

Tallying and Notification: The ballots will be tallied by an outside source as determined by the NAWIC office. The outside source will send a letter with the determined outcome of the election to the executive administrator of the association. The number of votes a candidate receives will not be published. Each candidate may submit a written request to the executive administrator asking for the number of votes she received with a breakdown by region. Candidates and the NAWIC board of directors will be notified of the results within four working days following May 31 via email or phone. Results will be posted on the NAWIC website within 24 hours following notification to the candidates. If a second vote is required, ballots will be sent as soon as possible after May 31. You must vote in the first ballot to be eligible to vote in the second ballot.

Remember: As in any election, your vote does count.

Write-in Candidates: Write-in candidates will be allowed. To qualify, write-in candidates must have their application to the NAWIC office two working days prior to May 15.

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Our first Virtual Town Hall on April 23, 2020 was a great success! Now we are going for Round 2, so if you missed Round 1, or just thought of more questions you'd like to ask the candidates, this is your chance! This town hall, like the previous one, will be live-streamed to our NAWIC YouTube channel, and you will be able to comment and post questions there, real-time.

**Please note: In order to comment in the chat, you will need to have or create a Google account and be logged in. If you do not have a Google account, it's simple and quick to create one!**

Join us tonight at 5 p.m. CT as the candidates are given an opportunity to speak to you and answer questions about themselves and their visions for our association. If you have questions you would like the moderator to ask, you can submit them beforehand by emailing them to

We can't wait to "see" you all at our Town Hall TONIGHT!

Moderator:  Sandy Field, CBT, CIT, PNP


President-Elect Candidate: Jill Hanson, CDT, CIT, ESP
President-Elect Candidate: Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM, DBIA, ENV SP
Vice-President Candidate: Lauline Mitchell
Treasurer Candidate: Karen Hager, CBT, CIT
Secretary Candidate: Kristey Stewart, CIT

When: Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 5 p.m. CST

Where: The town hall will be live-streamed to the NAWIC YouTube Channel. Once you are on the NAWIC YouTube Channel page, you will see the live-stream when it begins. Afterward, a recording will be posted to the NAWIC website.

Planning is still underway for the 2020 NAWIC Annual Conference in Houston, Texas. We know COVID-19 has taken its toll, and we are planning all kinds of fun this year that you will NOT want to miss!

For those who would like to register early, our special “Early bird” registration rate offer has been extended through May 31! For questions about registration, contact Lauri McCullough at

Early Bird (March 1 to May 31)
Members: $665; Non-members: $765
Regular (June 1 to June 30)
Members: $715; Non-members: $815
Late (After June 30 & on-site)
Members: $815; Non-members: $915

One Day Rates

  • Thursday or Friday
    Members: $260
    Non-members: $360
  • Saturday
    Members: $160
    Non-members: $260


The 2020 Annual Conference Program will be full-color and will list the Annual Conference daily schedule, speaker profiles and events. You can also purchase ads to be featured in the program. This is a great opportunity to feature your company (simply advertising your company, illustrating that they support NAWIC, or showing how they support Women in Construction — the choice is yours!) or give congratulations to employees, members and leadership. So many of you, your chapters, your companies, and your partner companies are doing amazing things, and this is your chance to showcase that for all of NAWIC!

Front Inside Cover, Back Inside Cover and Back Outside Cover ads will be first come, first served.


Back Cover | $750
Inside Front Cover | $600
Inside Back Cover | $600
Full Page | $450
One-Half Page | $300
One-Fourth Page | $205 

The deadline for all Annual Conference Program ads is June 15.

For more details, previews of ad specs and sizes, and the Ad Pricing Form to submit your order, click here.

Please direct all questions to Amber Swinford at


Reserve a space in the Construction Zone for your chapter or region now!

One (1) table may be purchased at the chapter rate of $100. For groups of 3-5 chapters, two (2) tables may be purchased at the region rate of $150.

You can find more information, rules, and the Chapter Table Reservation Form here.

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Each year, NAWIC awards three very special individuals with our annual awards: Future Leader, Lifetime Achievement and Member of the Year. Below, find a brief description of each award (nomination forms available on the NAWIC site).
Future Leader: Recognizes the outstanding efforts of a new NAWIC member who has been actively involved throughout their first two years.
Lifetime Achievement: Recognizes the outstanding efforts of a NAWIC member who has been actively involved throughout their NAWIC membership (min. 15 years).
Member of the Year: Recognizes the outstanding efforts of a NAWIC member who has been actively involved October 2018 — September 2019.
The recipient of each award will be recognized at our Annual Conference in August. Deadline for submissions: June 1.

Apply Now!

The LONG AWAITED WIC Week Recap issue of NAWIC Today is now available! Read it today! Get your digital copy here. For a print copy, order here.

Education / Training

The American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law (ABACLG) has put together a COVID-19 Leadership Roundtable Special Forum Crisis Series. These free webinars take place at 4 p.m. ET on the dates noted, and all industry leaders and lawyers are welcome! Mark your calendars now!


NAWIC Benefits Spotlight

In this difficult time, we want to remind you of all association benefits available to you, some of which you may never have had cause to use or may even have forgotten about!

One such benefit is our NAWIC Career Center. You can access the Career Center here.

If you have job openings to fill, reach out to our Career Center contact:

Marty Rice at 727-497-6565 ext. 3513.

Our partner, ConsensusDocs, has created a COVID-19 ConsensusDocs Contract and Construction Law Resource Center to help you navigate these times a little more easily. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to leverage the ConsensusDocs platform to improve your contracting, register for a FREE 30 minute webinar on Tuesday, May 19th from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. EST hosted by ConsensusDocs Sales Specialist Nick Unhold to see how using industry standard contracts can improve your working relationships and drive better project results. Register here.

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Industry Update

Predicting how technology will change and impact the construction job market, even in the near-term of five to 10 years, can be difficult. Moore’s law, which states that transistors per chip doubles every 2 years, combines with social factors, particularly the varying rate at which people absorb and consume new technology, to speed up or slow down adoption. These variables can cause some technologies to be available in half the time that was originally expected, while causing other technologies to be much less available than originally anticipated.

Nevertheless, by examining recent trends and historical patterns, it is possible for companies to develop a solid strategy for choosing and rolling out technology. This first in a three-part series identifies current options, looks at specific examples, and helps companies assess what fits into their own strategic plan.

In the span of two months, the coronavirus crisis has demanded sweeping changes from the U.S. construction industry, and experts say many of them will remain in place even after the outbreak recedes.

As contractors prepare to return to work on sites that have been shut down by shelter-in-place initiatives, they will face an industry that has been drastically changed by the both public health and economic effects of the pandemic.

“There are new factors coming into play now that you or I never thought about,” said Joe Natarelli, leader of Marcum LLP's national Construction Industry Group​. “And people need to plan now to be prepared for the long term.”
The coronavirus pandemic has shocked U.S. construction into needing to adopt new technologies to maintain social distancing and monitor jobsites remotely. Those adaptations, some construction leaders say, should have been adopted in the first place, before the pandemic forced contractors to implement them.

The outbreak has also forced more connection between the site and office, as most office workers have been relegated to working from home. Shared data and digital connectivity is becoming the norm, said Scott Crozier, general manager of civil engineering and construction for software company Trimble, as engineers, architects, site supervisors and other stakeholders need up-to-date information no matter the construction environment.
May 2020
Part of the COVID-19 Leadership Round-table Special Forum Crisis Series
4-5:30 ET
May 2020
Join us at 5 p.m. CST on the NAWIC YouTube channel for a live streamed Virtual Town Hall with your National Officer Candidates!

If you would like to submit questions beforehand, you can email them to You will also be able to ask questions real-time via chat.
May 2020
7 p.m ET/6 p.m. CT/5 p.m. MT/4 p.m. PT
May 2020
Part of the COVID-19 Leadership Round-table Special Forum Crisis Series
4-5:30 ET
May 2020
Learn about the upcoming construction education opportunities at the NAWIC Annual Conference in Houston, Texas. Information on how to register, study for and take the CIT course on Tuesday, Aug. 11. You will also learn about some of the new educational opportunities coming to NEF this fall and answer any questions on our new e-publications and testing services.

1 p.m. CST
Jun 2020