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July 24, 2019
Association News
Again this year, NEF will endorse certain workshops at NAWIC’s Annual Conference held Aug. 21-24 in Atlanta, Georgia. Each participant who signs up with an NEF representative prior to entering each workshop will receive a Certificate of Participation with a notation that it represents 1.5 Contact Hours.  

The list of workshops chosen by NEF include:
• Tactical Confrontation for a Safer Workplace
• Shaping Safety Culture
• How We Build
• Diversity Matters
• Value of Safety and Health Certification in Construction
• Cyber Liability

NAWIC is offering a high level of education sessions this year. You are encouraged to participate in as many as your schedule allows including those listed above which offer an added benefit of a NEF Certificate and 1.5 Contact Hours for your continuing-education goals.
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Join Construction Business Owner in honoring the industry’s best with a nomination for Outstanding Women in Construction.

Construction Business Owner (CBO) Magazine is honoring some of the construction industry’s most hardworking construction professionals with a special section dedicated to Outstanding Women in Construction. From GCs to CEOs to specialty trade workers, CBO will profile female construction professionals who are advancing the industry.

Nominees for Outstanding Women in Construction are female construction professionals of any age who are respected by industry peers, leaders and clients and show outstanding skills, leadership, management or innovation. Nominees should work in construction (general contracting, subcontracting, specialty trades and others allied to the field) in the United States and make outstanding contributions to their company, industry and/or community. Nominations close Sept. 3.
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Education / Training
Regular registration rates for the 2019 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, Aug. 21 - 24, may have ended, but it's not too late to get in on this great event!

For questions, or to register online visit
or call 800-552-3506.
NAWIC Benefits Spotlight
ConsensusDocs publishes a comprehensive catalog of  100+ documents that cover all your contract document needs. ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts developed by a diverse coalition of 40 leading associations with members from all stakeholders in the design and the construction industry. ConsensusDocs contracts incorporate best practices and fairly allocates risk to help reduce costly contingencies and adversarial negotiations. NAWIC endorses ConsensusDocs, and as a NAWIC member, you are entitled to a 20% discount on all ConsensusDocs products! Subscribe today! You'll find the instructions and more information on the NAWIC Benefits page to receive your member discount. 
Industry Update
Rep. Judy Chu, Democratic congresswoman from California, introduced a bill that, if passed, would direct OSHA to create a standard for heat-related injuries and illnesses. Chu bill, H.R. 3668, was introduced July 10 and has been referred to the House Committee on Education and Labor.
New analysis from the AGC of America confirms that construction firms are having to pay higher wages to attract skilled workers from a shrinking labor pool. Average hourly earnings in construction — a measure of all wages and salaries —increased 3.2% over the year to $30.73, 10% higher than the private-sector average of $27.90, the association said.
If it seems that certain areas of the United States are benefiting more than others from the country's current construction boom, it's because they are, according to a new report from research firm GlobalData.
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