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April 2, 2019
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AC Speaker Spotlight: Welcome Lisa Fey 

The multi-dimensional and memorable Lisa Fey utilizes her Global Fortune
500 expertise to help vision casters and thought leaders tackle and overcome
today’s most prevalent corporate business concerns. Armed with an Emory
MBA, Lisa elevated into leadership positions and added decades of lessons
learned in the global marketplace. Her accomplishments helped seed new
technologies and build highly effective sales and marketing teams. Her
innovative training and team-building strategies drove significant
increases in share, sales, and profit margins for the company across the
As an accomplished communication expert, her surprising humor has
audiences calling her Lisa “Fun” Fey as she seamlessly merges serious
subject matters with results-based solutions. Empowering people to more
deeply embrace her strategic development and communication tools, enables
them to immediately implement what they’ve learned into their team and
organizational goals, and expand their professional pursuits.
Tailored to each company, team, or event’s specific needs, the results of her
keynotes, training, and workshops include a noticeably improved company
culture, more cohesive and productive teams, and enhanced
communication throughout the entire organization. Time spent with Lisa will
encourage positive change and growth at every organizational level,
including the customer’s experience. Ultimately this will effect and increase
your bottom line.
If you are looking to make an organizational shift that will bring greater impact
and success to you, your team, and your organization, you won't want to miss Lisa "Fun" Fey
– and get ready to learn, laugh, and change the world!

Early Bird registration is OPEN!  Make your reservations to be there, TODAY!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about women’s participation in the construction industry to help with the lingering labor shortage. Like most things these days though, it’s complicated. 

One question the industry can’t avoid asking is whether it wants to be an employer of choice, or an employer of last resort.  While construction’s reputation as dull, dangerous and dirty could make it a less attractive industry to women, there are plenty of construction roles where those conditions rarely exist. So, what is it then? There is evidence that societal norms and job cultures play a bigger role than people want to admit. 

Let Data & Analytics Empower Your Results
AON Construction Services Group
As the leading provider of risk solutions to the construction industry, Aon Construction Services Group partners with our clients to provide insightful analysis, strategic direction and creative solutions backed by our dedicated team of construction experts and the strength of Aon’s global network.
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Construction Protection Systems
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The share of women working in construction trades in 2018 is the highest in twenty years (Figure 2), but women remain strongly underrepresented in the trades: fewer than one in twenty (3.4 percent) of construction trades workers in 2018 were women. The only other time since 1999 when the share was above 3.0 percent was in 2006, also a period of high demand for workers in the industry. In the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 and recovery that followed, tradeswomen disproportionately lost jobs in the industry, compared with men.

NAWIC's Safety & Health Awareness Committee is pleased to offer the Safety Excellence Award to distinguish NAWIC member companies who recognize safety as a corporate value and commitment. These companies have implemented excellent safety and health programs and innovative solutions for creating strong safety cultures within their organizations. The means of achieving this include owner/upper management commitment, proactive safety and health programs, consistent enforcement policies, employee training, management committee initiatives and program implementation creativity/innovation.

Eligible participants must employ a NAWIC member. Completed applications must be submitted by April 30.

FMI Releases 2019 AGC/FMI Risk Management Survey

This year’s study results indicate changes in the engineering and construction risk environment over the last three years and provide important data points regarding future risk management trends. All information is based on responses from best-in-class companies that are active in AGC’s Surety Bonding and Construction Risk Management Forum.

The most significant current risks that the survey identifies are:

  • Limited supply of skilled craftworkers (80%)
  • Limited supply of field supervisors (44%)
  • Changes in construction contract and insurance policy terms and conditions (33%)
  • Tighter project schedules (30%)
  • Increasing project complexity (19%)

And the most significant future risks include:

  • Economy slowdown (58%)
  • Limited supply of field supervisors (46%)
  • Strategic agility, broadly defined as comfort with changing technologies and processes (39%)
  • New company leadership/ownership (36%)
  • Increasing project size and complexity (29%)

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Education / Training

Webinar - Corporate Linkage: Understanding the Family Tree of Businesses

Description: This presentation will review the different type of business entities, what entities are responsible for others’ debt (parent companies, related entities, etc.), liability of company owners, and more.  Attendees will gain an understanding of who they are doing business with, who is liable to pay their customer’s debt and tools to find out more information about those entities. The presentation will include information on how to track company owners as they move from business to business, and how to use personal guaranties to obligate others to pay your debt.

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 6 p.m. CST

Presenter: Jessica Murphy, Esq. 

Attendees: Current NAWIC Members

Join the session:

NAWIC Benefits Spotlight

Announcing our newest Member Benefit - Ellevest

The Biggest Investing Mistake Women Make
You may have seen articles about mistakes investors make. But surprise: Those are
men’s biggest mistakes. The biggest investing mistakes women make, says Ellevest CEO and
Co-Founder Sallie Krawcheck, are very different.

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Earn Your B.A. in Construction Management Online
Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships (Rowan Global)
Rowan University’s B.A. in Construction Management is a degree completion program for individuals in the construction industry who have an associate’s degree or equivalent number of credits, and prefer to work while earning a degree. Endorsed by the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU), the program prepares individuals to supervise, manage, and inspect construction sites and associated facilities. Academic credit may be awarded for prior work experience.
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Following up on a study in which’s artificial intelligence engine “Vinnie” learned from contractor Suffolk's data to predict roughly one in five safety incidents with 81% accuracy, nine major construction firms are partnering with the software company to further develop predictive analytics and therefore prevent incidents and reduce risk across the industry, according to a Smartvid announcement from CEO and Founder Josh Kanner.
For contractors and developers that are on a tight schedule and need to map large swaths of land or expansive projects, sometimes the only thing better than the convenience and insight that unmanned aerial system (UAS), or drone, imaging provides is getting the shots back in a few hours versus days. Engineering and environmental consulting firm Dudek, which provides drone imagery services to contractors, has found an effective solution for turning around image projects for construction clients fast.
ASCENT- Center for Technical Knowledge
Association of Printing and Data Solutions Professionals
Apr 2019
April 4-6, 2019
San Antonio, TX
Dove Sifers-Putman, CBT
Apr 2019
April 11-13, 2019
Seattle, WA
Jill Hanson, CIT
Apr 2019
April 12-14, 2019
Charlotte, NC
Anne Pfleger, CIT
Apr 2019
Presented by Jessica Murphy, Esq.
Apr 2019
April 25-27, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
Diane Mike, CBT
Apr 2019
April 26-27, 2019
Chicago, IL
Anne Pfleger, CIT
May 2019
May 3-4, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM, LEED GA, ENV SP
May 2019
May 3-4, 2019
Nashville, TN
Catherine Schoenenberger
May 2019
May 17-18, 2019
Columbus, OH
Dove Sifers-Putman, CBT