Juno Jones Shoes Partnership!

If you attended the 65th Annual Conference, you know that NAWIC has partnered with Juno Jones Shoes, and they are very generously offering a 25% discount to NAWIC members through the end of September. Just go to junojonesshoes.com and use code NAWIC25 at checkout!. 

Juno Jones Shoes has a few things other than gear that we think will be of particular interest to our members! A partnership between Juno Jones and Jacket Media Co., the Hazard Girls (Women in Nontraditional Industries) Podcast explores a different field each week through candid interviews with women leaders about their professional journeys. Juno Jones founder Emily Soloby is the host. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Megaphone.

There is also a Hazard Girls Facebook community powered by Juno Jones! Members include women at every stage of their careers from CEOs to students. The community features online discussions about issues that come up in the workplace, society at large, and with families. When members aren’t hanging out online, they are meeting up in person thorough educational events and outreach. Be sure to join the group if the below sounds up your alley:

Keep an eye on social media to stay up to date on NAWIC/Juno Jones collaborations, promotions and news!