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ECS Presents: Special Inspections for Project Managers, Architects and Developers

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This presentation will focus on education for the “what, when, why, who and how” tailored specifically for project managers, developers and architects. Dating back to the 1980s the building code documents, structural engineers and code officials have been requiring special inspections on various construction projects. Rather than solely focusing on the mechanics within inspections, this reviews the background and the reasons for and the purpose of special inspections. Ultimately, this is aimed to enhance an overall comprehensive understanding of the results driven by them.

Presented by Rick Hinson, PE.
Mr. Hinson serves as the Facilities Department Manager for the Code Compliance Services in the Mid-Atlantic Facilities Office. In addition to being responsible for the department management, his responsibilities include reviewing construction plans for compliance with the building codes, field inspections for construction compliance as well as training and consulting with code officials, engineers and architects on code compliance issues and measures.

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