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This week's topic spotlight:

Date Course ID Type Course Title
10/9/2018 404258 AA Become Your Boss' Most Valuable Asset
10/9/2018 404259 BUS Utilizing Macros in Microsoft® Excel®
10/9/2018 404228 WC Understanding the ADA Interactive Process
10/10/2018 404184 ST IRS Form 1099-MISC Reporting Requirements and Updates
10/10/2018 404225 PUR Negotiation Strategies: Dealing With Vendors and Suppliers
10/10/2018 404281 MGT When Employees Don't Check Their Problems at the Door
10/10/2018 404237 BK Commercial Loan Documentation
10/12/2018 404261 BUS Creating Forms and Templates in Microsoft® Word™
10/12/2018 404227 PUR Statement of Work (SOW) Contract Fundamentals
10/12/2018 403583 PR Fundamentals of Form W-2 Processing
10/12/2018 404247 LIT Conflicts of Interest: Identification and Waivers

Next week's topic spotlight:

Date Course ID Type Course Title
10/15/2018 404231 PR Fair Labor Standards Act: Coverage and Compliance Issues
10/15/2018 403603 BK Construction Risk Management: An Alternative to a Payment and Performance Bond
10/15/2018 404245 LIT Social Media Discovery: What All Attorneys Must Know
10/16/2018 404252 CN How to Read Key Clauses in Boilerplate Contracts
10/16/2018 403828 AA Microsoft Outlook: Tips for Keeping Your Inbox Clean and Organized
10/16/2018 404309 BK Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis
10/17/2018 404335 ENG Reading and Understanding Soil Reports
10/17/2018 404266 NP Allocating Direct or Indirect Cost for Nonprofits
10/17/2018 404264 MGT Don't Just Coach Your Staff, Develop Them
10/17/2018 404223 LB Service Animals in the Workplace: What You Need to Know
10/17/2018 404250 LIT Top Ten Drafting Issues in Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies for Land Owners and Developers
10/18/2018 404270 ST How to Defend Against IRS Penalties
10/18/2018 403577 LB Legally Compliant Work-From-Home Policies
10/19/2018 404220 BEN Phased Retirement Programs: Exploring the Benefits and Issues

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