The NAPFA Advisor’s New Policy on the Use of Generative AI by Contributors

By Susan Weiner

Thinking of using generative artificial intelligence (AI) to write an article for the NAPFA Advisor? Stop.

NAPFA is placing strict limits on the use of generative AI in creating articles for the magazine. This is because of the risk of plagiarism, copyright violations, bias, inaccurate information, and other problems that may accompany the use of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Our policy follows below. Basically, authors may not use generative AI in writing articles unless that is fully disclosed in the article and the discussion of generative AI is the purpose of the section written using generative AI.

We will monitor developments in generative AI, and we may modify the policy as the situation changes. In the meantime, we note that the Associated Press and multiple magazines have published policies forbidding the use of generative AI in writing articles.

NAPFA Advisor Policy on the Use of Generative AI

To protect NAPFA and its writers against allegations of plagiarism and copyright infringement, we have a policy on the use of generative AI in preparing articles, effective Oct. 1, 2023.

You can find the latest NAPFA Advisor guidelines online.

How to Use AI Appropriately in This Magazine

For an example of how to refer to the use of generative AI in an article, please see “Using ChatGPT and Other AI tools for Content Creation,” Marie Swift’s article in this issue.