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NAPFA’s Fourth Decade and through the Years

By Susan Weiner

A past chair of NAPFA shares his recollections of the association’s fourth decade, 2013–2022. See the timeline for more highlights.

“When I joined the NAPFA board, Ellen Turf was our executive director. She brought to the position a wealth of institutional history and knowledge. She retired during my board tenure, and I was on the search committee charged with filling that position. The choice of Geof Brown in 2013 was a huge turning point for the organization. He was able to build on the accomplishments of his predecessor and introduce innovations that increased both our growth and our focus.”

—Linda Leitz, chair, 2013–2014

“Since I became a NAPFA member in 2009, … our membership has more than doubled, our programs for our members have significantly expanded, and our influence in the profession and with policymakers has risen.

“This expansion is an outcome of a strategic change in how NAPFA is managed. Close to 10 years ago, our board established the leadership development committee to strengthen our pipeline of volunteer leaders and also hired an amazing CEO who strengthened the professional management of NAPFA, enhanced volunteer training, and instituted a rigorous long-range planning process.”

—Dave O’Brien, chair, 2019–2020

Throughout NAPFA’s History

“To me, NAPFA’s greatest accomplishment has not been a single event but instead its steadfast adherence to being an organization for the consumer. Championing fiduciary and Fee-Only is its greatest accomplishment.”

—Tom Orecchio, chair, 2007–2008

“NAPFA has always been the leader in raising the ethical standards of our profession. Beyond the focus on Fee-Only, NAPFA has held ethical standards high and been unwavering in its commitment to integrated financial planning provided to the public by fiduciaries.”

—Linda Leitz, chair, 2013–2014



Susan Weiner, CFA, is the editor of the NAPFA Advisor. Send her your ideas for articles and authors for the magazine.