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Going on a Treasure Hunt

By Susan Weiner


Have you ever gone on an extended hunt to find a professional to serve as a resource for your practice or your personal life? That’s a regular part of my job as editor of the NAPFA Advisor.

Seeking an Author to Discuss Entitled Kids

I thought I had an easy winner when I attended Courtney Pullen’s fall 2022 conference presentation on “intentional wealth.” His presentation was compelling. I was particularly taken with his response to a questioner asking, “Why does the third generation feel so entitled? And how can we fix that?” That would make a great topic for the NAPFA Advisor, I thought. I tested my hunch by asking other attendees if the topic would interest them. (Part of my goal in attending conferences is to do audience research.) All said yes.

After returning home, I emailed Pullen to ask him to contribute an article. He courteously and quickly replied that he couldn’t do it. I always appreciate a prompt no. But I didn’t stop there. I figured that a person like him is well-positioned to know who else would take on such a topic. So I asked, “Can you suggest someone?”

He gave me a name. I contacted her. She said the topic wasn’t quite right for her, but she gave me another name—and she offered to write an article on a different topic for us.

The next person I contacted was Kristin MacDermott, whose article, Help Your Clients Raise Kids Who Aren’t Entitled” appears in this issue.

Always Looking for Authors

I’m always looking for authors, so please let me know if you have ideas for authors or topics for future editions of the magazine. Your input helps me to tailor this magazine to your needs and interests.

Please note that articles have long lead times. I don’t like scrambling for articles at the last minute. It’s best to contact me at least several months before the targeted publication date. Below is our editorial calendar for 2023—it’s likely that 2024 will be similar. I’m particularly interested in ideas for the topics of budgeting, DEI, ethics, insurance, investing, technology, and trends. I look forward to hearing from you!

Month Editorial Focus
January Succession planning/practice management
February Estate planning
March Budgeting/marketing
April Diversity, equity, and inclusion
May Insurance
June Investing
July Financial planning/marketing
August Technology
September Regulatory/legislative issues
October Ethics/marketing
November Retirement planning/taxes
December Trends