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Welcoming New and Returning Columnists

By Susan Weiner

It’s a new year with new columnists for the NAPFA Advisor. The magazine is happy to welcome new and returning columnists, and we’re also grateful to former columnists for their many contributions.

Our new “Efficient Planner” columnist is also one of the longest-term contributors to the magazine: Linda Leitz is moving to the “Efficient Planner” after six years of writing the “Praxis” column, which related academic research to financial planning. With the “Efficient Planner” column, she actually returns, in a sense, to the kind of column she wrote before she started the “Praxis” column in 2016.

“Practical Observations” from New Contributors

Some new contributors to the “Practical Observations” column have already written for the magazine. They include Holly Donaldson, author of “What’s the matter? It might be secondary grief”; Yonhee Choi Gordon, author of “When and where to hire a COO to serve as your organization’s heart”; and Lydia Sheckels, the author of many “From the Chair” columns during her year heading NAPFA’s board of directors. Brand-new to the magazine are Valerie Rivera and Douglas Watts. Returning “Practical Observations” columnists are Luis Rosa and Kent Schmidgall.

“Coach’s Corner” Addition

Jody Jacobson, the author of “How to align your offers to your purpose to sustain success,” joins returning columnists Michelle Donovan, Arlene Moss, and Cameo Roberson in contributing to “Coach’s Corner.”

Want to Contribute?

The magazine is always looking for members or other experts to contribute ideas or articles. If you have ideas, you can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you.