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Focus on technology

By Susan Weiner

This month’s issue focuses on technology, with a big helping of hands-on insights from savvy, generous NAPFA members. I think that you’ll find value in the perspective of advisors who are using the software and services in their own practices. It’s one thing to have a tech firm tell you its product is the greatest thing ever, but it’s something else when a peer tells you how they use it.

NAPFA member Alyssa Yocom discusses “Building a sustainable technology platform” that will evolve and grow with the firm. She draws on her firm’s experience updating its technology platform from 2019 to 2020, partly to replace legacy programs that weren’t being updated or that didn’t meet the firm’s needs. The NAPFA Advisor is grateful that the Women’s Initiative introduced her to us as an author. Yocom’s previous article was “A mega planning opportunity for high-income clients: the mega backdoor Roth,” co-authored with Janelle Fumerola.

Move beyond a CRM with process control software” is contributed by Stephen Craffen, a past chair of NAPFA. Like Yocom’s article, his article draws on his firm’s experience grappling with technology issues. Craffen is also a repeat contributor to the magazine. “Increase the value of investment management with enhanced-MPT tools,” co-authored with Laura Mattia, was his previous contribution.

Delegating technology management to your team: why it matters and how to pull it off” comes from consultant Charesse Spiller, who has been well-received as a webinar presenter to NAPFA.

Finally, the magazine is grateful for the many of you who replied to Alexandra Baig’s “Efficient Planner” column on the application and limitations of technology. You shared your insights on the key elements of your technology stack, the most helpful technology you use, and more.

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