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Jorge Soriano: Jorge Soriano on Bogleheads Live,” Financial Page, June 23. Soriano discussed analyzing variable and fixed-index annuities. 

Danielle Harrison: Episode #335: Building a Fee-Only Lifestyle Firm Through Good Times and Bad: A Conversation with Danielle Harrison,” XY Planning Network, May 18. Harrison says, “But there’s way more to money than the technical side. There’s the emotional side.” 

Matt Gray, Lauren Zangardi Haynes, Jay Zigmont: How Much Money Do You Really Save by Not Having Kids,” The Wall Street Journal, May 18. Gray figures that, compared with parents, nonparents can get by with fewer months of expenses in their emergency savings accounts. Zangardi Haynes often recommends health savings accounts to clients without children. Zigmont says disability insurance is more important than life insurance for his clients without kids. 

Carolyn McClanahan:The Team Approach to Financial Wellness,” kbkwealth connection, May 16. McClanahan says, “I think every financial advisor needs to know the basics of financial psychology and be able to deal with the basics, but sometimes the situations just get a little too deep or a little too sticky for you to deal with.”

Jim Ciprich: Help Retirees Find Funding for CCRCs,” Rethinking65, May 13. Ciprich says, “There are meaningful costs associated with CCRCs that require examination. Understanding the process, costs and tax implications for clients contemplating such a move is a good tool for planners to have in their toolkit.” 

Danielle Miura: Inflation Continues to Drive Up Prices. A Cash Back Credit Card Can Help Offset the Cost,” NextAdvisor, May 11. 

Cheryl Costa: Helping the Newly Widowed,” Rethinking65, May 10. 

Joel Bruckenstein: Don’t call it a comeback: Joel Bruckenstein looking to create FOMO in 2023 after biggest T3 ever,” FinancialPlanning, May 10.

Danika Waddell: Advising Women in Tech with Danika Waddell,” Mission Driven Business, May 10. 

Clark Kendall: Tips for Rising Interest Rates,” Fox 5, May 9. 

Lazetta Rainey Braxton: Saving for Your Future Self While Freelancing,” The New York Times, May 7. 

Nathan Bender:One of America’s Youngest Planners Shows How It’s Done at 22,” Investor’s Business Daily, May 6. 

Holly Donaldson: Ask Bob: How Do I Avoid Taxable Income with Charitable Contributions?” TheStreet, May 3. 

Patrick Dinan: Advisors who ignore ESG do so at their own r-i-s-k,” InvestmentNews, May 2. 

Jason Anderson: A Practice of Purpose: Building Your Niche in Charitable Giving,” Journal of Financial Planning, May. 

Danielle Miura: The FPA Community Weighs in On … Time-Consuming Tasks,” Journal of Financial Planning, May. 

Emlen Miles-Mattingly: Onyx poised to launch with dual differentiators: diversity and cost efficiency,” InvestmentNews, April 28. 

Charlie Fitzgerald:Florida’s financial literacy push is a teaching moment for advisers,” InvestmentNews, April 27. 

Marianela Collado, Dan Herron, Sheryl Rowling: Client under audit? Here’s what financial advisors should do,” FinancialPlanning, April 26.

Lindsey Swanson: Financial Planning for Sex Workers with Lindsey Swanson,” Mission Driven Business, April 26.

Michael Kay: Rethinking Retirement Planning for Successful Professionals,” Rethinking65, April 26.

Jake Northrup: 7 Lessons Learned After Building A Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm From Scratch,” Nerd’s Eye View, April 25.

Cody Garrett: Financial Planning for the DIY Investor,” Rethinking65, April 21.

Justin Pritchard: What Qualifications Do You Need to Refinance a Loan?” the balance, April 20. 

Cynthia Meyer: Episode #333: Finding Success Serving the Real Estate Investor Niche: A Conversation with Cynthia Meyer,” XY Planning Network, April 20.

Bill Bengen:Cut Your Retirement Spending Now, Says the Creator of the 4% Rule,” The Wall Street Journal, April 19.

Catalina Franco-Cicero: Why it’s tough to pick a financial advisor – and how to do it right,” FinancialPlanning, April 18.

Chad Holmes, Clark Kendall, Jeff Weeks:Five Questions Every Retiree Should Ask Now About Planning Their Finances,” The Wall Street Journal, April 17.

George Papadopoulos: “Taxes Are Due, but Here’s How to Boost Your Refund With a Guaranteed Great Return,” The Wall Street Journal, April 15.

Stacy Francis: The Top Six Ways Widows Can Protect Themselves From Identity Theft,” Forbes, April 6.