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Transition to the NAPFA Advisor’s new digital edition

By Susan Weiner

Welcome to our second digital edition!

Benefits of the new digital edition

One benefit of moving to an online format is that you can access this and future editions at any time at I am grateful to the team at Naylor, our production partner, and to NAPFA’s Emily Harris for their work on the new magazine design.

The new design of your monthly magazine email means that you can access all of the issue’s articles from your email inbox. The old monthly email gave direct links to only three articles. The new monthly email still highlights three articles, but it also links to every article in the magazine. If you’re a fan of a specific column, for example, you can navigate directly to it instead of needing to search for it on a separate website.

Once you’ve opened an article, it is much more convenient to simply click on a link in the digital edition instead of laboriously typing the URL from the print edition. Going completely digital allows the magazine staff to include more links in articles. You enjoy the same convenience when links appear in advertisements, too.

A new production process allows our articles to be somewhat more time-sensitive as well, due to quicker turnaround. For example, this issue contains my May conference highlights article, which wouldn’t have appeared before June or July in the print edition. Also, the conference article benefits from a quote we snared from speaker Ric Edelman about cryptocurrencies’ post-conference decline.

We typically worked two months ahead of magazine publication dates when I compiled the “Keeping Up” column for the print edition. In contrast, most of NAPFA’s communications focus on events in one month or sooner. Members still might look at both sources of information for updates, but now they will be more in sync.

Let’s enjoy this journey together!

As always, I’m interested in your input on authors and topics you’d like to see in the magazine. I hope you’ll be in touch soon and reach out to me with any comments or questions.