Advisor July/August 2015
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Featured in Advisor Today
Pay careful attention to these words of wisdom from some of the industry’s top producers. Some of them might be just what you need to spark your next sale.
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You do so by deciding, planning, executing and repeating the process.
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The right combination of life products and riders can help mitigate retirement risks. Here’s how to structure them to the benefit of your clients.
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As NAIFA celebrates its 125th anniversary, the association is continuing to fight for a favorable business climate for you and your clients. As part of this mandate, it is vigorously pursuing a level playing field for your clients—especially those trying to save and plan for retirement.
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A new study uses economic models to reveal flaws in the buy-term-and-invest-the-difference concept.
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More from the Current Issue of AT
Advisor Today isn't limited to the hardcopy publication you're accustomed to—there's also a wealth of resources at your fingertips. The magazine's companion website,, welcomes 4,500 of your financial advisor peers every month. Are you joining in on the conversation?

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Podcast Series
Listen to Ed Zabielski, AIG's leading sales agent, as he shares the steps he took on his way to the top.
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Unnamed Zone
When business relationships falter, it doesn't mean you should give up on them.
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The willingness to improve yourself year after year is critical to continuous success and client retention.
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If you're not coming home from professional conferences with promising connections, you're doing it wrong.
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