Advisor March/April 2015
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Featured in Advisor Today
Expand your annuity practice by determining your prospect's needs, educating him, overcoming objections, addressing concerns, and helping him choose the annuity that best suits his needs.
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Let's take the gift of a lifetime income annuity and give it to our clients today so that their futures will not be a mystery.
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Follow the steps of these top producers if you wish to build a winning 401(k) practice.
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Here are some ideas for making inroads into a group that is underserved, but potentially lucrative.
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More from the Current Issue of AT
Advisor Today isn't limited to the hardcopy publication you're accustomed to—there's also a wealth of resources at your fingertips. The magazine's companion website,, welcomes 4,500 of your financial advisor peers every month. Are you joining in on the conversation?

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Podcast Series
Listen carefully to this podcast as Mark Acre, the NAIFA 2014 YAT Team Leader of the Year, shares some of the techniques and resources that propelled him to the top.
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Unnamed Zone
Many people love to fly to new places and explore new cultures, but there are few things more annoying than a travel experience sullied by fellow passengers. Pack these air travel etiquette tips with you to make sure you're not one of them next time you board a plane.
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The real challenge to growing up isn't aging, it's maturing. Aging is a fact, but maturing is a choice. So it is with mastering digital tools. Here are some tips to help you move your organization from the beginner level into the land of the "digerati."
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