Strategic Task Force (STF)

The Strategic Task Force (STF), in its third year of existence, is tasked with supporting and encouraging the strategic mindset of the Toronto Chapter's Board of Directors (BOD).

The STF's goal of making recommendations to the BOD on Structure, Capacity and Skill-Building Resources (see below) is to help position the chapter to be future-focused (strategic).

Structure includes organizational policy and procedure guidance, general makeup of the leadership team, and what the methodology of how we develop the skills is and can be realized.

Capacity is supporting the leadership team to be effective in its execution of strategy through specific recommendations.

Skill-Building Resources encompass identifying what resources are required to build the capacities and communicating this to the BOD and Leadership Committee.

The STF members consists of the Executive Team of the chapter and one member-at-large, who acts as the chair. If you'd like to hear more about the STF, please contact