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MPI Toronto Chapter E-Newsletter: February 2021

January 12, 2021 - MPI Toronto Just Networking Event

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Happy New Year! #MPITO started the year with a great Just Networking event on self-care on Jan. 12: "Healthy Mind, Healthy Eating and Healthy Start."

Healthy mind

Julie Danaylov, founder of A2D2, demonstrated a few stretching and breathing exercises to the group while sitting down. She started with a one-minute breathing exercise, focusing on the breath — “I am breathing in, I am breathing out.” Then she moved to an “Eye Hump” exercise, which is great to release the tension on our neck and shoulders as we are all guilty of staring at our smart devices all the time, followed with arm and hand exercises and finally leg stretching exercises.

Healthy eating

Mandy Moon, business account manager for Explore Edmonton, talked to us about healthy eating by sharing some tips and tricks to embrace plant-based menu ideas (i.e., soy-based protein and tempeh). She recommended that we look up #Meatlessmonday on social media to gain inspiration for new menu items and to stay on a schedule of planning a menu every week.  

Healthy start

Tami Adams, founder of TA Speakers Management, shared with us some simple wellness tactics:

  1. First thing in the morning, drink a full glass of water (room temperature) when you get up; take the time to finish it as water wakes you up and gives you hydration.
  2. Yoga or fresh air: Take 15 minutes of your day to do either yoga or get out to have some fresh air. Take time to self-care.
  3. Brush and squat: Do some squats while brushing your teeth. You will be amazed by the results in a couple of months.
  4. Take five minutes a day to think about "what am I grateful for" (i.e., health, family, job, etc.).
  5. Monthly challenges (i.e., no sugar, no caffeine, etc.) will help to build your resilience.
  6. Grocery shopping: Pre-order online as this saves time and keeps us away from lineups and big crowds.
  7. Separate workspace from personal space. It is important to have a designated workplace when working from home.
  8. A support network (like Raindrops on Roses). Lean on your friends.

Resources shared by Tami Adams on support networks:

Janice Cardinale, founder of The Idea Hunter, talked to us about inspiring health trends.

Things such as colour, décor and design don’t matter in the "new normal world." People and health are now the two most important trends. For Janice, finding herself and her passion is most important right now. Create yourself as no one can do it for you. Go back and reflect on what has happened to you in 2020. What do you dream of accomplishing, professionally or personally? This is your WHY. If you are to choose one goal for yourself, what is it? Keep it intact. 

Be your own motivation. Be your own advocate. It’s time to treat yourself. 

Thank you to our event sponsors: 


Prize sponsors: Tourism Calgary and Julie Danaylov with A2D2 Inc.


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