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This year doesn’t have to totally suck. This is where you either throw your hands up to the sky and release an audible scoff, or gently grimace, but get curious enough to read a little bit more.
Welcome to October 2020, Global Diversity Awareness Month. You have survived three quarters of one the most challenging years in history. On the bright side, this year has given many of us the gift of time to spend with our families, time to increase our meeting/planning skills via the various virtual meeting & event platforms available to us, and in my case more time to volunteer. That is what has led me to my current role as an MPISCC Diversity Equity & Inclusion Co-Chair. Alongside my Co-Chairs Natalie Wong and Rhonda Moret, I look forward to serving as a DE&I resource for our chapter.
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MPISCC is proud to announce the newly appointed chairpersons leading our YOU BELONG, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chapter Committee! We are excited to drive focus and awareness to this great endeavor and thrilled to have three incredibly talented and experienced chapter members lead the way!
Say what you want about the generations outside of your own, but research shows we all have at least one thing in common: We are changing the way we learn, engage and retain information.
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Need to separate fact from fiction with regards to COVID-19? Here's a quick list some of the most persistent myths regarding the virus. Keep everyone safe and staying informed is vital for us all.
Although they may look radically different than in a pre-COVID world, with the proper safety precautions, dinner meetings can still take place. Here's what you need to know.
Memphis-based LEO Events recently hosted an attendee-free "Empty Event" to highlight difficulties facing the meetings and events industry and illustrate that we're all in this together.
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